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Letters to the Editor.

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June 28 2006

Re-Lifting of Timber Export on Liberia

Dear Editor,

I was extremely happy on hearing the news that the United Nations Security Council has finally lifted the timber export ban placed on Liberia during the Former Taylor regime to prevent plundering of the nation’s natural resources. This is a laudable move now that Liberia will once more begin to earn foreign exchange through the export of timber products to fuel national development. My advise to Her Excellency Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as President of Liberia is that no round log should be exported but sawn timber that must leave the shores of the country.

Any investor interested in acquiring timber concession should be made to process the logs at a saw mill in Liberia and export the finished products to any country of their choice. By this, the remaining products from the saw mills will be recycled in the country for the local furniture and construction industry. Liberia needs a lot of wood (planks) to build houses and all other areas where wood products is required. Let us learn from countries like Ghana who do not export round logs but processed it before export. Because of that there is so much wood in the system which is making it possible for small and large scale furniture companies to produce the best of modern tables, beds, chairs for schools and benches and others on the market at competitive prices. As a Liberian residing outside, I would like to see our country regain its former glory and developed to a modern state compare to any of the American states.

Liberia is well endowed with natural resources which when used wisely will make the country an industrial nation. We should invite investors who would set up industries and not cottages. Liberia must also adopt the Ghanaian investment strategy in which certain businesses must be a left for Liberians to do while the bigger ones are left for foreign partners. Madam President who before she became Africa’s first woman President was a long time board member of The Data Bank Financial Services in Ghana but had to resign her position to become the President of Liberia, knows more about the Ghanaian situation than I do in terms of investment meant for locals and those for outsiders.

Liberia needs modern roads and highways to open the country up for industrial revolution, schools for the citizens to be educated to take their destiny in their own hands with little support from outside. Our Agriculture Ministry should be up and doing to educate farmers on modern farming practices to boost food production. May the six year- term of Her Excellency see Liberia to higher heights. It is time for development and not politics which has been the problem with Africa’s underdevelopment.

Madam President please put your head down to development and no time on politics. Please make the maximum use of the expertise of Mr. Osafo Manfo, Ghana’s former Finance and Education minister, Dr. Charlotte Abaka, Professors Ken Attiffuah, Henrienta Mensah –Bonsu , and the other Ghanaiain professional who are here through your invitation to help in the rebuilding and reconstruction process. Let us learn from Ghana and be like them.

Norman Cooper

June 12 2006

Re: Liberia vs Israel: Where are the African Americans?

Liberians stating in their communications with African-American such things as, (If African American's were a financially intelligent people---Tourist Industry targeting the African Americans population, ie, Museum of enslaved Africans to the Americas---as we become more familiar with each other logical thinking and dropping the air of superiority African American's could possibly see the investment opportunities), is more of an insult then a call to help our African Brothers and Sisters of the motherland.

Woods, Texas, USA

June 12 2006

Re: Liberia Borrows Budget Experts: An Insult.

Fellow Countrymen,

The Liberian legislature recognises it ineptitude and unfitness in handling economic and financial issues by recommending training programs for assembly men. This development is welcoming as the legislature plays a very important role in budget resolution and processes. Of yarning concern to this forum also is the SOS call by the Liberian Presidency to the World Bank to provide Budget experts for the designing of the 2006/2007 budget.
There is a significant distinction between the legislative financial novices and the executive financial appointees of professionals and experts. The Liberian president established in her words "...a government of expert and professionals..." The contradiction is in telling the World Bank that a government of experts and professionals cannot prepare a document of how much government will collect in taxes and how those expenditure will be allocated among various programs. This brings to mind the commanding questions: Where are the Liberian budget experts? What's going on in our planning and financial institutions?
Are we saying that the Bureau whose functions among other things are
.to prepare estimate of the amount that will be spend by governmental agencies,
.to negotiate on the size of the budget and to make sure departments and agencies proposals are in line with executive agenda, no loner exist. Or are we saying that  collaborating agencies like Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning, The Central Bank and The join section of Cabinet Ministers cannot proffer government income and expenditure objectives? certainly not. If one might agree with our Presidency, why then was there an excellent fiscal report in the first quarter or was it the World Bank experts who worked out these modalities. I Think the Liberian policy formulators are obsessed with sanction and debt relief and is playing eye-service to these international financial institutions instead of working.
Inviting World Bank experts on an SOS notice to design Liberia's budget is the greatest insult on the integrity and ability of neck-paining Liberians professionals who have dedicated their services to rebuilding Liberia. It signals lack of self-ability in the present administration. Inviting the World Bank to design budget is of absolute insignificant since these experts do not know the objectives and goals of the present administration, secondly, these experts will not implement and control the budget plans and proposals which is the most difficult thing to do in budget preparation. 
Moreso, the only recent development in the recommendations of the World Bank to developing nations on budgetary policy is the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF). In any case, sound macroeconomic analysis plays a critical role in establishing a solid foundation for all subsequent stages of budget managements. If the MTEF is to be introduced, then the expertise of Liberians are needed more than any experts on this planet. The MTEF process is a government-wide strategic and expenditure framework within which Ministers and Ministries/Departments and Agencies (MDA) are provided with greater responsibility for allocating resources. The ensuring benefits of this expenditure program are that the mechanism would allow effective management of expenditure and inform decision makers what would be afforded vis-a-vis priorities. The leading institutions in performing all these functions is the Budget Bureau and its collaborating agencies who are in the right frame of mind to carried out these programs
Fellow Countrymen, I remain committed to objective analysis of any issue that will eradicate or reduce the plight of the Liberian people. I maintained cognizance of the difficulties in running an economy with embargo on its major exports but the government of Liberia is being too hasty and over-stating in resolving the plight of this shattered economy, There is a disastrous long-term effect of expatriate control of a nation economy like Liberia and these burden fall on the very people in whom confidence is lacking today.
In my research paper " Economists And Institutions In Liberia Economic Policy Making", I recommended a council  of professional Liberian policy experts to form a cartel whereby development policies will be analyzed on the basis of facts and researches. The likes of Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia South Africa etc, who now form the developing nations (D-8), warned against excess  influences of foreign control in developing nations and recommend a more domestic and comprehensive research approach to tackling development issues. Over-crowding of the Liberian economy by foreign experts further complicate the implementation and  control processes of policies and further deplete the existing resources as foreign experts hope to also achieve their personal aims.
I therefore frown on the importation of budget experts and call on the Liberian Presidency to learn from the Nigerian and even Ghanaian experiences and be mindful of the influx of experts. Finally, i think the government should train her professionals if she suppose they are not equipped to design a budget instead of inviting experts to draw up these budgets. it is hard time we brain-storm remedy to our socioeconomic problem. 
Wellington Jah
Bsc. Economics.
tel: 234-8039224047

June 6 2006

Liberia vs Israel: Where are the African Americans?

Dear Editor(s),

Thank you for the public service Liberian Forum continues to provide, yours is a worthy cause. Please keep up the great work.

I want to add my voice to the debate about the influence African Americans could and should have in Liberia.

From what I was able to gather, Liberia would need an approximate investment of 15 Billion dollars to jump start her economy in terms building all appropriate infrastructure for the benefit of her people.

She is a small nation in terms of size and population with enough mineral resources to keep her economically independent - but needs capital to set development in place. If African Americans were a financially intelligent people a small portion of their 600 Billion dollar accumulation could be invested in Liberia for her growth and development where by both our peoples would reap economic benefits.

Look at Israel a small middle eastern nation which is a recipient of 3 billion dollars (or more ) from the U.S. government annually and is listed as one of the most powerful nations on Earth.

American Jews lobby the U.S. government for these incentives so why can't African Americans do the same for Liberia , a nation with documented ties with African-Americans?

I also believe that Liberia should develop a Tourist Industry targeting the African American population, for example a Museum of enslaved africans to the americas could be established.

As we become more familiar with each other's logical thinking that negative air of superiority will no longer exist, and African Americans could possibly see the investment opportunities available in Liberia and eventually in the rest of Africa.


Rick, Paramus, NJ

May 29 2006

God's wrath still hunts Liberia.

Dear Editor,

Ellen is a proud grandma at her grand daughter's graduation.

She is happy to be a proud grandma, but other Liberians are still in agony as the result of the onslaught she and others planned and launched on Liberia.

We can forgive, but we can't forget. One of her victims was little Musue, whom she used on Oprah's show to win sympathy for economic recovery. Her press secretary has yet to tell the Liberian people what was the benefit of little Musue and the rest of the children in the same condition as Musu.

Ellen and others negotiated Charles Taylor's release from US prison only to become Liberia's first female president at the blood of the children of poor mothers and grand mothers.

But, today, they are proud grand mothers, traveling to the US at the expense of their victims to watch their grand children's high school graduation. Let Liberians be reminded that history is always 90% to repeat itself. What goes up must come down. Liberia is still in the hands of blood-stained people.

The country is not yet blessed; don't be fooled. God's wrath still hunts Liberia. Instead of celebrating political victory and using only political and empty-wisdom to usher in a lasting peace, Liberians need days of fast and pray.

Liberia needs Real FAST AND PRAY, not political debates and strategies.


Concerned citizen USA

May 26 2006

Chaotic housing construction in Liberia

Dear Editor,

When there is electricity, most of the home owners don't pay light bills due to the chaotic housing construction which has led to illegal occupation of land and chaos in the implementation of urban planning.

This would make it impossible for the Liberia Electricity corporation to carry on its collection from these users.

For instance, residents of areas like West Point do not pay electricity because they are not legally registered with the Liberia Electricity corporation or the Liberian water and sewer corporation. Yet, they are wired for electricity and water.

The government's lackadaisical attitude toward modernized and enforcing proper urban planning will cost the country massive losses in revenue.

If the Liberian government was a business she would be out of business, due to it's high inefficiency.

F. James , USA

May 25 2006

Former government employees of the Charles Taylor

Dear Editor,

Once again, I would like to address the issue of former government employees of the Charles Taylor era who have yet to get a job in the current government are still hanging around the Executive Mansion in the hopes of getting a job with Sirleaf government.

One former employee in particular, a former Minister of Commerce who brags that he was also the former Managing Director of the Ports Authority; Thomas Fassue Kelleh is seemingly running after the Minister of Finance begging her to give him a job.He is supposed to be sending the lady gifts of all sorts, in order to obtain a job in the government. It is rumored that he is angling after a deputy commissioner position of the Maritime, based in the UK or in New York.Mr. Kelleh is also hanger on of the Chief of Staff, Mr. Dukuly.

If this man gets a job in the Sirleaf government then one knows that this government only caters to the crooks and villains of past governments.

A concerned Liberian

May 24 2006

Traveling President


Dear Mr. Editor,

Please allow me to voice out my opinion in your informative magazine (Liberian Forum). Some Liberians are critical of President Sirleaf traveling from one country to another.

Liberians fought a senseless war for 14 years. Everything had been destroyed, in order to build the country we need a strong support from abroad. President Sirleaf is asking developing countries to help us, this is not begging.

As we say in Liberia a small shame is better than a big shame. If asking for money will help us then the President should go ahead and ask for more. She is not disgracing us, she is doing her job by asking for help.

Every president is asking for help Liberians should stop blaming President Sirleaf, because she is traveling a lot.

Regards, Charles L. Massaquoi - Malmo City, Sweden

May 18 2006

Ellen Sirleaf's 10 minute appearance on Oprah

Dear Editor,

I don't know who Ellen Sirleaf's public relations staff and advisors are, but I think they should all be fired for the 10 minute parade of shame Liberia was put through on the Oprah show.

Oprah flashed Ellen Sirleaf as a poor self made grand mother for 10 minutes after giving Queen Rania a full 30 minutes to profile the successes in Jordan. Clips of the war and dead bodies was focused on and no background or positive spin about Liberia was even mentioned.

It is time for Ellen to stop going around the US potraying Liberians like beggars. Ellen has been in power for almost 6 months now, it is about time she begins to show the world what she has done in these months, instead of going on Oprah to degrade the dignity of Liberians. If she has not made any successes in Liberia, maybe she would be better off spending some time there to improve the place instead of begging and degrading Liberians on shows like Oprah.

from a Concerned Liberian in Chicago

May 3 2006

Waste management first, pesticides later!

Dear editor,

I just don't get the argument between RFL and Dr Somah as to how to resolve the mosquitoes problem in Liberia. The problem will not be solved by DDT or any other pesticide. (Ref: Somah)

Arguing over how harzardous DDT is, is like switching chairs around on the sinking Titanic when the basic roots to the real problem are not being addressed.

The overflowing putrid waste and garbage on the streets of Liberia, and inadequate handling of sewage - increases mosquitoes leading to cholera, malaria, and other mosquito borne epidemics. When government refuses to do their work, our streets become so filthy and our people live in congested areas, packed like sardines, without any planning.(Ref: Myers)

In some towns, people have to pick their way through household waste, such as banana and cassava leaves There is lack of proper drainage and lack of public washrooms in congested areas.

Some people even live on garbage dumps, due to government neglect. The health and environmental consequences are significant, and the health dangers include: dysentery, cholera and other diseases spread through flies attracted to the stench of garbage. This has become a common occurrence in Liberia.

Who do we blame for such incompetence exhibited by our government? The west?

F. James, USA

May 1 2006

RFL: Correcting the Obvious

Greensboro (May 1, 2006):-The Liberian History, Education, & Development Inc. (LIHEDE) is greatly disappointed that the management of Radio Free Liberia (RFL) would issue a public statement that purports to give credence to allegation of a possible link between the scheduled December 2006   National Health Conference in Monrovia on malaria prevention, control, and eradication  in Liberia and DDT use, without first examining the official LIHEDE press releases and 2005 Resolution containing the rationale and other underlying reasons for the national health conference.
The 2005 LIHEDE Resolution ( on malaria treatment and control in Liberia, which provides the impetus for the pending national health conference in Liberia, was drawn up by Liberian educators and health professionals at the end of a three-day Symposium on Combating Malaria in Post Conflict Liberia, and it contains no mention of DDT use but rather emphasizes an integrated approach to malaria eradication in Liberia using the most modern technology.
Yet the management of Radio Free Liberia claims in its statement that, “…considering the controversy surrounding LIHEDE's Malaria Elimination Program in Liberia, the station invited its executive director, Dr. Syrulwa Somah, to participate on the talk show to discuss issues relating to the malaria project, particularly amid public concern over the use of DDT, which experts believe has potential negative health implications.”
Certainly, LIHEDE realizes that nearly every scholarly discussion revolves around a pro and con position, including DDT use, but LIHEDE has never advocated DDT use as the cornerstone of the pending malaria conference in Monrovia as alleged by RFL, nor did the invitation extended to the LIHEDE executive director by Radio Free Liberia specify any discussion about DDT use.
LIHEDE therefore appreciates and remains internally grateful to Radio Free Liberia and other Liberian media outlets for promoting and disseminating relevant information about the pending health conference in Liberia, but believes that the Liberian nation and people stand to reap maximum benefits from current efforts at malaria control and eradication in Liberia if care and accuracy in reporting became the rule and not the exception.
One of the core beliefs of LIHEDE is that the welfare of one Liberian is the welfare of all Liberians, so as Liberians we must resign ourselves from words of war to genuine cooperation because any form of welfare only has the potential to dethrone rather than accelerate good efforts in our nation. This is why LIHEDE would continue to strive by all means to avoid exchanges that have the potential to distract and kill dream.
Since its inception, LIHEDE has tried to reach out to all Liberians by inviting all Liberian county organizations, prominent citizens, media executives, religious leaders, and scholars to all LIHEDE-sponsored symposiums and events, including the preparatory meetings for the pending national health conference in Liberia. LIHEDE has written letter to the “Daughters of Liberia”, and sent out declaration forms to all Liberian to sign in support of the LIHEDE-sponsored “we do not want any more malaria in Liberia” campaign and Liberia Studies program.
Hence, it becomes very unsettling for Radio Free Liberia to declare in its public statement, in reaction to LIHEDE’s request for clarification on the terms of participation on the panel discussion, that “It is unthinkable that LIHEDE would treat our invitation as a forum to continue a solo public relations campaign when ours is not a public relations firm…Radio Free Liberia said it has no reason to doubt LIHEDE’s claim that DDT is safe, but wonders why the organization is backpedaling on its initial agreement to participate on this week’s panel until it learned of other scheduled discussants.”
LIHEDE believes that Radio Free Liberia, as a media institution, should know and understand that potential guests of any panel discussion have the right to demand to know the names and qualifications of other invited panelists for purposes of accepting or rejecting an appearance   invitation, so it is sad that RFL would classify such routine request as an attempt by LIHEDE to leverage “a public relations gift" from the station, let alone the other RFL claims that by its request for clarification for its participation on the panel discussion, LIHEDE was, in fact,  trying “…to castigate the station because it decided to give its audience an opportunity to understand the good and the bad about DDT use as advanced by LIHEDE.”
Again, LIHEDE wishes to grant Radio Free Liberia the benefit of the doubt to provide any evidence that remotely suggests that LIHEDE advocated DDT use as part of the pending national health conference in Monrovia because the 2005 LIHEDE Resolution, which is the collaborative instrument   between the Liberian government and LIHEDE relative to the malaria control and eradication in Liberia mentions nothing about DDT use.

Of course, as a health and safety professional and professor, the LIHEDE executive director, Dr. Syrulwa Somah gave a Malaria Day’s message challenging the world that the best choice of malaria treatment is DDT because current research shows that DDT is safe,   although Dr. Somah had nothing in common with the pending health conference on malaria eradication in Liberia as the final decision for the malaria treatment of choice would be decided at the conference. In other words, if the participants at the Monrovia Health Conference resolved that DDT is the best malaria treatment option for Liberia, then consideration will be given to DDT use at the end of the conference rather than at the preparatory stages of the conference.
Meanwhile, as a professional matter, Dr. Somah believes that DDT is safe based on verifiable research data, so he would welcome an invitation from Radio Free Liberia and other media outlets to debate anyone on DDT use in malaria eradication, but the professional position of Dr. Somah is not a factor in the planning of the pending national health conference in Liberia, nor should it be a factor in the invitation extended to the LIHEDE executive director by Radio Free Liberia to discuss the progress of the 2006 National Health Conference on malaria control and eradication in Liberia.

Nat Galarea Gbessagee
Secretary-General, LIHEDE
Approved: Syrulwa Somah, PhD.
    Executive Director, LIHEDE

April 21 2006

Boima Fahnbulleh hero of contradictions

Dear Editor,

I once again came across Mr Payne's toxic response on your esteemed website.

Mr Payne, in his response, has tried to present himself as though he is a psychic. If he is not truly a psychic then all his hero worshipping are based on lies.

Mr Payne appears to be confused. As I read through his response, I had to ask this question. Which Boima Fahnbulleh is Mr Payne talking about? Sit back Mr Payne, as I tell which Boima Fahnbulleh I am talking about.

Boima Fahnbulleh is a born critic. He is a pessimist with his ambition of becoming president of Liberia at all costs. I doubt that Mr Payne has read any of Fahnbulleh's books. I would advise Mr Payne to do so before he responds to this or any other comment regarding Boima Fahnbulleh.

Reading and studying Boima Fahnbulleh's ideology, if you would call it that, shows that he is inconsistent in his thoughts. For example, I was wondering why Boima keeps quoting Blyden who was anti-social and against inter-racial Marriage yet Boima is advisor to the President of Liberia whose family line involves inter-racial Marriage? Is he just playing to the gallery?

Mr Payne suggests that Boima Fahnbulleh provided scholarships to "thousands". I would remind Mr Payne the government of Liberia, since years in-memorial have had the scholarship program at the Ministry of Education. I am also aware of many disadvantaged students who obtained such scholarships and enrolled in schools long before Boima Fahnbulleh ever arrived at the Ministry of Education. Even Fahnbulleh himself obtained scholarship from the Education Ministry to obtain his Post graduate degree and doctorate.

Mr Payne wrote about how doctors, engineers, etc were produced due to Boima Fahnbulleh. What Liberia are you talking about? Again I have to ask Mr Payne what Boima Fahnbulleh, he is talking about?

Is he speaking about the Boima Fahnbulleh who has publicly ridiculed the disadvantaged who had little opportunities at education advancement, unlike Boima Fahnbulleh?

Are you speaking of the Fahnbulleh who hit below the belt of those he called "illiterate" during the elections and after the elections? His contradictory statements are there for everyone to see, yet Mr Payne in a typical praise-singer fashion wants to create a new Boima Fahnbulleh

Unfortunately for Mr Payne, freedom of speech has become the order of the day, and articles like this one: published on Liberian Forum is helping to expose the contradictions people like Mr Payne would not want us to see.

Mr Payne also said that when Mr Fahnbulleh led the Education Ministry he secured scholarships to send many students to Eastern European countries, such as Romania , Soviet Union , Hungary ,etc. I want to ask Mr. Payne why Boima Fahnbulleh who obtained his scholarship to enroll at universities in the West would encourage Liberian students to obtain their education from Eastern Europe? Is he introducing foreign ideology in our country? Is that why Boima made the late President of Romania visit Liberia?

Mr Payne also said that "Fahnbulleh-led Education Ministry forced LAMCO to build school for the workers children by threatening to close down the high school for the expatriates and senior Liberian employees' children" My answer is, does Mr. Payne think Boima Fahnbulleh is a saint? He could have been using that as an opportunity to get a piece of the pie from Lamco.

Mr. Payne should know that a former lecturer seldom has enough money within a short time in Public office to offer his personal funds to individuals or groups. How did he get all this personal money Mr Payne told us about?

Mr Payne reminds me of a child who had a TV hero who he sees as invincible, then grows up one day to learn that the TV hero is a writer's creation and not reality. He is hurt but wants to continue to cling on such childhood thoughts of invincible heroes that fly. Such imaginary heroes are created by writers, spin-doctors and convincing people who give people like Mr. Payne what he wants to hear.

Mr. Payne's effort to glorify his hero Boima Fahnbulleh as wanting to build libraries has failed, because reality tells us that Mr Payne could not have known that Boima Fahnbulleh was in the process of build libraries around Liberia, except Mr Payne is a psychic and can read the mind of the real Boima Fahnbulleh.

Mr Editor, please allow me to ask Mr Payne this last but most important point, Mr Payne, do you remember those cabinet ministers in the former Tolbert government that were executed without trial? I recall Boima Fahnbulleh was part of the Doe-led government at the time. Why did Boima Fahnbulleh condone such injustice, since he was the "consistent advocate"?

James Kollie



April 15 2006

Re: Boima Fahnbulleh, hero of whose struggle?

Dear Editor,

For the sake of the many readers who browse this online resource center , I have chosen not to remain silent , but to debunk James Kollie's fiddlesticks and distortions in his attempt to calumniate Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh ,Jr.

We owe obligation to posterity to effectively negate the distorted accounts of our political history by the misinformed and or uninformed James Kollies of our society .

In his continuous calumny of Dr. Fahnbulleh , James Kollie inquires , "Boima Fahnbulleh , hero of whose struggle ?"

While I wonder whether he maliciously pretends to be ignorant of the historical facts that provide answers to his inquiry , or whether such inquiry is a frank expression of his acute limitation as far as the recent political history of Liberia is concerned, I wish to unequivocally state that ,in recognition of his consistent advocacy and services to his people , Dr. Fahnbulleh has gone down in history on the list of the champions in the struggle for the betterment of the Liberian nation.
Contrary to Kollie's lies , HB has always used his office as public servant to help in alleviating the plight of his people.In the eighteen(18) months he served as minister of education from April 1980 to November 1981 , the following were notable successes scored by the Fahnbulleh-led Ministry of Education :
a) Upon the assumption of office in April 1980 , HB ensured that the prices of textbooks were reduced by 50%.
b)The monopoly of the major uniform supplier was broken, and uniforms were imported from China thus causing a drastic reduction in the prices of school uniforms on the market.
c) Activities fees were abolished in all elementary and high schools.
d) Fahnbulleh administration provided funds to schools to provide lunch for those of us who could not afford breakfast before going to school in the morning.
e) Fahnbulleh further worked towards developing the sporting skills of young students by providing free sporting materials to all government schools.
f) Fahnbulleh-led education ministry provided scholarships to thousands of our brothers and sisters from West Point , New Kru Town and other poor communities to attend the elite schools like CWA , BW Harris , Ricks ,etc.
Others were given scholarships to attend UL and Cuttington University.
g) Fahnbulleh-led Education Ministry secured scholarships for and sent many students from poor backgrounds  to study in Romania , Soviet Union , Hungary ,etc.
Today , most of them are the doctors , engineers ,diplomatists , agronomists ,etc that our nation can boast of.
h) Fahnbulleh-led Education Ministry forced LAMCO to build school for the workers children by threatening to close down the high school for  the expatriates and senior Liberian employees'  children.
i) Fahnbulleh-led Education Ministry confronted Firestone and demanded that a high school be built for the rubber tappers' children.
j) Fahnbulleh-led Education Ministry stopped the purchase of schools furniture by Lebanese traders , and gave the money to vocational institutes around the country to make  the chairs and benches.
k) Fahnbulleh-led Education Ministry reduced significantly the subsidy that past governments gave to the elite schools and used the money to renovate government schools around the country.
l) Fahnbulleh-led Education Ministry pushed the free education policy by making education less expensive for us.
m) Dr. Fahnbulleh was in the process of pushing for the building of boarding schools , libraries and schools' sporting facilities  when he was transferred.
It is important to note that all of these achievements were in just 18 months period or just about 500 working days.
We could go on to list Dr. Fahnbulleh's contributions from his personal coffers in helping individuals or groups in their educational pursuit.But Dr. Fahnbulleh doesn't take delight in receiving public glorification for his kindness to others.
James Kollie will not succeed in his attempt to slander Dr. Fahnbulleh. These facts contained on the pages of  our nation history shall prove him wrong.  James Kollie will not succeed in his attempt to mislead the objective readers.They will visit the records and corroborate these truths of the heroic services of Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh ,Jr.
E.H Payne
North Africa

April 10 2006

kabineh Ja'neh

The Editor:

There is an Article on the Perspective Website, by Theodore T. Hodge. The topic of discussion centers around Counselor Kabineh Ja'neh and the ups and downs in his confirmation proceedings at the Liberian Senate.

Before addressing my self to the subject matter, I want to spell out that I personally have no interest in whether or not Counselor Ja'neh is confirmed, my concern is how Educated Liberians nowadays distort  Historical information to benefit their interests or writings.

In his article, Mr. Hodge argues two points to support the confirmation of Former Warlord Kabineh Ja'neh:  

That the critics of  Cllr. Ja'neh pray to the Liberian Senate not to confirm him to the position of Associate Supreme Court Justice of The Republic Of Liberia, considering his open record as one of the Leaders of LURD.

Additionally, the writer states that Article one of our Liberian Constitutions was appropriately applied by Cllr. Ja'neh and others when LURD was created, and as such, Warlords in the like of Ja'neh should perpetually benefit from positions in Government without the screening process required by our Constitution to which Mr. Hodge ascribes.

While one could not agree more that almost every Liberian the World-over, has assumed new identity in character and sense of responsibility since our civil War, I have read a lot of twisted Documents by some Academicians; propounding arguments from whether or not Ellen-Johnson is our 23rd or 24th  President to the one now introduced by Mr. Hodge.
To the point, I appreciate this privilege to unequivocally underline that Mr. Hodges interpretation of the Constitution is in clear terms wrong. Article One of the constitution empowers, that beneficiaries of our Democracy ( Liberians ) to alter any Government through democratic means ( Elections ), and not through LURD. Granted that both LURD and MODEL should be credited for the ouster of Liberia's Adolf Hitler ( Taylor ), yet our Constitution is cleared on how Peaceful Elections / Demonstrations and denunciations should be the only means by which we vent our frustrations on Governments.

Finally, let me enlighten Mr. Hodge through this medium and your Reading Public that the fundamental concern of  Cllr. Ja'neh's Critics is a Constitutional requirement as enshrined in Articles 68 and 69; sections a.) and b.):

Article 68; states that "The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court shall, with the consent of our Liberian Senate, be appointed and Commissioned by the President, PROVIDED (conditional), that any person so appointed shall be:
            a.) a Citizen of Liberia and of good moral character; and

 b.) a Counselor of the Supreme Court Bar who has practiced for at least 5 Years".

For me, I do not for a moment conceive that the concept of civil individuals and/or organizations calling for the respect of Constitution in the 21st Century hardly comprehensible.

Even for the lower courts, Article 69; b.)  calls for 3 Years of minimum Practicing experience which Cllr. Ja'neh still do not possess. Meaning, that he ( Kabineh Ja'neh ) does not also have the requisite qualifications to serve our Country in the Subordinate Courts.
Jerome w. Koon, Jr.
River-Gee Progressive Alliance/USA

April 7 , 2006

Boima Fahnbulleh, hero of whose struggle?

Dear Editor,

I read with disgust E.H. Payne's patronising comments to Boima Fahnbulleh. It is people like this who make long speeches about freedom but in all practicality can not accept the other man's idea when it does not agree with theirs.

The question about how long Boima Fahnbulleh had the power to influence or effect change is not the issue. The issue is that in the periods Boima Fahnbulleh had that power, what did he do with it apart from give hungry ears, more rhetoric and increase his income for his own personal benefit?


In one of Boima Fahnbulleh's useless speeches he mentioned West Point and the condition our people were enduring. He said that if any government refused to acknowledge the condition of West Point, it should be considered a failure. Can E.H Payne remind Boima Fahnbulleh that West Point is still around today?

E.H Payne said that Boima Fahnbulleh is a hero of a struggle? What struggle would that be, E.H. Payne? The only struggle that Boima Fahnbulleh is a hero for, is making himself a Honorable man - from a lecturer at the university, to a great big jump in his income for his own family. Just like the fellow honorable men he speaks against and keeps pointing fingers at.

James Kollie



April 3 , 2006

Re: Boima Fahnbulleh


Dear Mr. Editor,

Firstly , I write to express my deepest disappointment over the publication, on your highly-visited web page , of  the disparaging, castigating and repulsive letter by a so-called James Kollie , against the erudite revolutionary ,Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh , Jr. , without you  equally providing  a publication of the story in which James Kollie claims HB is alleged to have criticised fellow honorable men in the current political dispensation.

Mr. Editor , it is incumbent upon you , in accordance to the  ethics of your profession,  to provide balanced and objective accounts of issues .
More especially , realize that the diaspora rely upon information posted on the internet to  help shape their opinions about individuals and their persuasions on socio-political and economic issues affecting our society.

Secondly , James Kollie ,whether infact, this isn't the nom de plume of a failed reactionary with  undeminishing  bias in assessing the contributions of the heroes of our struggle , or simply a pen mercenrary hiding under the protective shield of the cyber media, must realize that  Dr. Fahnbulleh contributions to the educational sector as well as to the political environment at home and abroad,  is so enormous that it  obviously becomes very elementary to evaluate them in the context of library provision. 

Dr. Fahnbulleh briefly served as Minister of Education after the coup before been redeployed at Foreign Ministry.Has James Kollie cared to know what the
immediate educational priorities of the PRC were ?Has he cared to know what Dr. Fahnbulleh's personal recommendations were to improve the educational
sector during his few months stay as minister of Education? Or can James Kollie  tell us how many public libraries were built by the Doe's government in the 9 years period after HB left the ministry ?



Note from Editor:

While we thank Mr. Payne for expressing his views and opinions, we would like to emphasize that accepts contributions of Liberia-related materials to include on its public domain site; however, statements and opinions expressed in these articles are solely those of the author(s).

LiberianForum.Com encourages free expression and diverse view points. It is therefore expected that the articles, letters, and other related contributions on this site, will reflect the diversity of our readers and their opinions.

March 31, 2006

Boima Fahnbulleh, must stop pointing fingers at others.

Mr Editor:

I am tired of Boima Fahnbulleh's rhetoric. Boima Fahnbulleh is pointing fingers at honorable men like him and accusing them of not providing good leadership. On the other hand, Boima Fahnbulleh was the former Minister of Education, and during his term in office he never thought of providing public libraries in Monrovia, or anywhere in Liberia for students. Boima Fahnbulleh was fortunate to attend good schools in other countries due to his father's tenure as Ambassador but Boima did not learn from the opportunities he was exposed to. He did not apply anything he learnt from his opportunities -to assist Liberian students, or to help reduce illiteracy in Liberia. He has failed the Liberian people also, and should not be pointing fingers at others. Boima Fahnbulleh what have you done lately to help the Liberian people apart from pointing fingers at your fellow honorable men?

James Kollie


March 28, 2006

Obasanjo, hand over Charles Taylor, NOW

Obasanjo stop playing God on the lives of the dead and maimed hand over Charles Taylor Now. Enough is Enough!

Aminata, USA

March 20, 2006

Bravo LiberianForum!

Dear Mr. Editor,

Every little thing counts, especially in times like these when Liberians every where are desperate for the information they need to uplift their spirits(positive news). So it was a great job well done when the Liberian Forum gave Liberians the opportunity to watch the president's joint meeting with the US Congress. The service was free of subscription thus a viewer like me feel it would be thoughtless without saying thank you to those hardworking staff.
Thomas Kai Toteh - USA

Editors Note: Thank you for your kind comments Mr Toteh. We also thank our readers and all who have sent us words of encouragement and feedback through the years. LiberianForum's readership has grown significantly in the past year, and we will continue to strive to keep Liberians and friends of Liberia informed through free and open expression.

March 20, 2006

Hassan Bility's Article

Dear Mr. Editor,

It is an old saying that give a man his flowers while he still alive. It is based on this background I want commend Mr. Hassan Bility on his well written and well approached analysis on Taylor’s war crime issue. I have just finished reading his analysis on Charles Taylor's war crime issue. I have been wondering why President Obasanjo is dragging his feet to turn Charles Taylor over to UN's war crime tribunal in Sierra Leone. I know for sure like he wrote, Taylor's days are numbered. For one thing, his sponsors, those who led him out of the Plymouth County Correctional Detention and those who facilitated his mysterious exit from the US were greatly disappointed (we know them) and want to fight hard to save faces now and soon before the common people get to discover how this man could leave such a highly inescapable country, the US. Thanks for the good job done with the analysis. Keep up your good job and thanks also for all the Awards; they are deserved.
Thomas Kai Toteh
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA

March 17, 2006

Charter Flight to Monrovia - LIHEDE


Fellow Liberians;

Since the publication of a Press Statement from LIHEDE (see regarding a Charter Flight to Monrovia, Liberia for delegates and well wishers to  participate in the first post-war National Health Conference hosted by LIHEDE in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through its National Malaria Control Program, concerns have been raised  by some  members of the Liberian community and general  public relative to the legitimacy and geniuses of the Charter Flight arrangement.

Of course, as expected, these concerns are legitimate, considering the recent Inaugural Flight Fiasco from Baltimore, Maryland, which left many Liberians stranded to the embarrassment of all Liberians in the Diaspora. However, while we remain sensitive to this heart-wrangling development, we want to reassure our Liberian people and the general public that the LIHEDE's arrangement is authentic, non-deceptive and an attempt to redeem our image and show to the world that we are a decent group of people who passionately care for our country.  

Before we launch this initiative, we seriously considered the concerns of the public relative to the recent Inaugural Flight fiasco to Liberia. In order to ensure that LIHEDE does not fall in the same predicament and to assure the public that this is a genuine and legitimate arrangement, we took the following measures:

1. All purchase for the tickets are deposited in an Escrow Account with reputable bank listed in the Press Release and not in an individual personal account. The information for the bank and contact person is provided in the Press Release for the public to call directly.

2. The monies will remain in this locked account until we obtain the 172 passengers been requested by the Airline before the funds can be turned over to the airline.

3. We also set a deadline, which is two months to the departure date of the flight. This was done to ensure that refunds were received by passengers, if in case we fail to obtain the target number of 172 passengers. Secondly, this will give passengers ample time to make other arrangements for travel.

4. The individuals attached to this arrangement are credible and have placed their reputation on the line because they also are comfortable and believe in the arrangement being made to guarantee the flight. LIHEDE members are also planning to travel on the same flight.

5. Lastly, like we always say in LIHEDE, we are different and compassionate for Liberia and therefore, can never plan a scheme to deceive or defraud our people. Whether we fill the Charter flight or not, we are still going to Liberia to host the first post-war National Health Conference to discuss health challenges of our country, including the eradication of malaria.

Our goal for the Charter flight is to afford many Liberians the opportunity to also join the "We Want No More Malaria in Liberia" Campaign, and we strongly believe that our people will respond to such a humanitarian and non-political campaign to save our future generation from this deadly disease-malaria.

Therefore, we urge to contribute to  this humanitarian mission  and the "We Want No More  Malaria in Liberia" Campaign by  spreading  and disseminating  the below information in your churches, mosques, community and ethnic  organizations, social and civic groups as well as among your co-workers, friends and relatives  to  join our campaign  to defeat malaria in Liberia. Be a part of this history -making venture in Liberia.

Sam Togba Slewion
Director of Publications-LIHEDE.

Dr. Syrulwa Somah
Executive Director-LIHEDE

March 9, 2006


Soccer Utopia (S) Pte Ltd1Reg. No:(200201327G)                                                                                   Tel:+60162552725
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#30-07, Singapore 079903



Date February 19, 2006
                                                                                                VERY URGENT   
Attn: Madam Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf
President of the Republic of Liberia
Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Madam Sirleaf:


We present our compliments the Management and Staff of the Soccer Utopia (S) Pte Ltd in Singapore and we are proud to extend our heartfelt congratulations to you the President of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sir leaf, Vice President Joseph Boakai and members of the 52nd national legislature for the implementation of a successful inauguration on January 16, 2006.

We have a vision that your leadership, Madam Sir leaf will put Africa’s Oldest Republic (Liberia) back to its rightful place among the world’s peace loving nations, a nation of good Economic and social growth for all.

Let there be no mistake: in modern Liberia, each man must contribute. There should be no protection from the demand that a man's worth be assessed by his achievements. Education and learning offer no escape from the obligation of toil. Social position and high birth provide no guarantee of soft hands and a life of ease and comfort. High origins are no passport to high position. To those who contribute willingly, to the best of their abilities, who, in sweat and toil, work for the good of the nation with little thought of self, to them will much be given, even to the governing of the land.

"The standard of living enjoyed in the highly developed nations of the world was not achieved overnight, nor was it won easily nor without immense toil and sacrifice, Economic and social growth is a laborious and slow process. Development is the accumulated result of intensive long-term efforts. it is not enough that a nation desire development and economic maturity, any more than a child, in wishing, becomes a man. Time is required, and experience, and trial and error."In the modern world, no nation, and certainly no nation which is classified among the less-developed, can hope to bring to its people the standard of living and material prosperity which it seeks for them unless its total resources are enlisted in the struggle. Surely Liberia's most valuable resources are her people and ambition, which they constitute and represent. It is to them that your government must look for the attainment of the goals, which we all seek. Remember, you stand today on the stage of world affairs, before the audience of world opinion… The task on which you have embarked will not wait. Thus, you must act …and leave your imprints that will slip past into history, for you and your leadership to be remembering positively.

NB: Our company Profile, We are registered with the Registrar of Companies, Government of Singapore. Company Registration No 200201327G, SOCCER UTOPIA (S) PTE LTD
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International Enterprise Singapore Board, Regulation of Import & Export.  Soccer Utopia (Singapore) Private Limited. We are also Member of the US-Singapore Partnership, which permit us as a company to trade in the USA under the Tax – Free regulation.  We are authorized to represent other companies and individuals. The three directors in the company currently are Loh Wee Hui, Richard Lee & Ricky B. Swen Jr.  ex –Lone Star defender and Founding member of Fulani F.C. I own a property (3 bed room house)in Singapore, and a family as well.Finally, Soccer Utopia (S) Pte Ltd is well placed to help bring in investors into Liberia, as well as collaborating with your leadership to improve Liberian football abroad in particular and also Am ready to represent Liberia in this part of the world as Consul General or Ambassador. There are more then 350,000 Liberians in South East Asia only. 
Thank you.
Best regards,

4    5
Ricky B. Swen Jr
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Deputy Managing Director & C.E.O.
International Players’ Agent
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E-mail: /


                   Lic. Players’ Agent

March 1, 2006

Bring back the U.S bills!!

Madam President if you don't adress the currency issue, that is to return back to theU.S. bills, then we are in trouble and your administration will be a failure. We might have to pay a small convenience fee for it, but it is well worth it and will curb corruption and degradation of the nation.

Mr. J. T Jeremiah


February 24, 2006

The Senate and The House of Representatives

Mr. Editor:

I read your paper everyday and you are doing an excellent job.

But just one thing Mr. Editor, I did not want to point out this mistake being made by a lot of people in Liberia until the President Pro Temp of the Senate also made the error. And the error is, people referring to the Liberian Senate as "The House of Senate". Whenever referring to both houses of the Liberian Legislature, it should never be: "The House of Senate and "The House of Representatives".

The correct phase is: "The Senate and The House of Representatives". 

According to Webster dictionary the word "Senate" means upper legislative house. It is also the building or hall in which such a council or assembly meets; while a Senator is member of a Senate. On the other hand, The House of Representatives is the lower house of a legislative body housing elected representatives. But a Representative is someone authorized to act as an official delegate or agent. A representative can also be a member of, similar to, or typical of a group. Therefore, a representative may not necessarily be a legislator. So to write of say, The House of Senate, is tautology and it's incorrect. It should always be "The Senate". More besides, the Liberia Constitution clearly states, the legislature shall comprise two houses, "The Senate and The House of Representatives". If it was correct to say the House of Senate, the constitution would have been worded that way, and it wasn't. Hope you can pass this letter on to our reading public.


David A Kemah
Funds Controls/PCS/HHS

February 22, 2006

Liberian Media

Dear Editor,

Something has greatly caught my attention, and I feel obliged to voice it out.  Ok, let me hit the nail on the head.  I have observed that Daily Observer, which happens to be Liberia’s leading newspaper, does not carry “Related Links” of Liberia’s news sources that are around the world. The only links of news sources that are appeared on Observer online edition are CNN, All Africa, and BBC.

This is unfortunate. I say it is unfortunate because not all Liberians can navigate their way to find all Liberian online media on the internet. The placement of related Liberian news links from one online edition to the other greatly enhances the ability of potential surfers to easily find the information that they are looking for about Liberia.

When I looked at the other Liberian news media around the world, I see that there is a practical expression of media convergence.

I am pointing my finger at the Observer because it is the leading Liberia’s newspaper based in Monrovia, Liberia. But there are a few online Liberia’s news media else where, that failed to carry related links. This is a selfish spirit and it would appear to me that they are monopolizing information.  

The worst case scenario is that, these days everyone is not allowed to read news from Liberia online the so-called Liberia’s leading news paper or contribute letters and articles as a result of the new subscription policy. I hope the publishers, editors, and web masters of those media that have not yet established related links on Liberian news related sources will do so as every Liberian is equal to identify all Liberian news sources everywhere.

The Liberian Forum’s web site is a good example of what Liberians in the Diaspora and at home like to see. The Forum’s web site takes Liberian from one Liberian web site to the other thereby making it easy for one not to face the impasse of an endless search for other Liberian news sources, organizations, and companies, and intellectual groups.

We are in the age of media convergence-which brings together all the media including televisions, radios, newspapers, and movies and they are accessible to their various audiences. Let us open up and share the information in the most up-to-date fashion.
God bless the media.
Thomas Kai Toteh


February 03, 2006

Cleaning up the Ministry of Finance

Dear Editor,
I like to use your medium to congratulate the president for the bold decision yesterday to clean the ministry of finance. I believe this is a big beginning of her campaign to rid the entire system of unqualified and corrupt personnel. One advice I have for Madame Sirleaf’s administration is to seek a long term solution to the corrupt system. The system needs to be computerized. The entire country needs to be computerized. Though the president’s campaign to fight corruption was mandated by the people of Liberia, I believe it is a very difficult task; no matter how hard she may try, no one is trusted. Human being, by nature is as greedy as spider.

When corruption is minimized in place like America, it is because the system is technological. People every where are as corrupt as Liberians, but because the system is monitored by hi-tech in those countries, it is difficult for crooks to go free.

Peace to Liberia
Thomas Kai Toteh

February 01, 2006

Mr. Snowe burn the tailcoat and top hat.

Dear Mr. Editor,

Permit me to ask Mr Snowe what the significance of his tailcoat and tophat is and why was he was allowed to put it on in public?

A traditional attire would do. Please Mr. Snowe burn that tailcoat and top hat.

Bendu, USA

January 12th 2006

Extradition case involving Melee IL Kermue and Wilma Bailey.

Dear Editor,

I have been following closely the extradition case involving Melee IL Kermue and Wilma Bailey.

I want to add my voice to the arguments of the defense lawyers. I understand from the defense lawyers that there is no longer extradition treaty between Liberia and the US.

I did not make any research to verify if there was an extradition treaty and when it expired, but as my knowledge can serve me right, the US government, Massachusetts's attorney general, to be specific, denied our justice ministry request to extradite Charles Taylor when he was sought to face chargers of embezzlement.

I did not and I have not understood why our justice ministry request was denied. But I am kindly all those that are close to this extradition case in Monrovia to remind the prosecution lawyers and the judges to trash the US extradition request. As I asked in similar letter, "Pepper can hurt in dog's eyes?"

Thomas Kai Toteh


January 11th 2006

The inauguration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Dear Editor,
Please permit me and provide me a space so that I can take a look at Liberia's post war president's inauguration from my lay man perspective. The inauguration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on January 16, 2006 is more than just an attainment of democratic victory and a redemption from anarchy. As I envisage the upcoming headlines in the media of world of free press about our new government's inaugural ceremony, I see Liberia's dominating the news in world press. Critical analysts not only look at the end result of the 14 years old civil, they would look behind the scene of the elections. Liberia makes a big come back!

Yeah Liberia makes a big come back! A 14 years war ravaged nation and one of the poorest nations in the world has something value able in the world of record. Liberia is now amongst a very few nations that elected woman to the nation's highest office. If I was doing my news paper headline today, I would carry this title,"Liberia Makes a Big Comeback". In my lead I would carry, "Last but not the Least, Liberia tops advanced democratic and developed nations in gender equality."

I write this piece to share with my compatriots how proud I feel about my country's new development. Liberia has a unique history amongst nations. She is a founding member of the United Nations. Liberia was a significant part in the allied forces that dismantled Adolf Hitler's campaign to conquer the world. Liberia was the champion for the emancipation of African countries under colonial rule. Liberia was the only country that received freed Africans from the Caribbean and America. And today, Liberia is once again the example of gender equality in Africa. I don't know about how other Liberians feel, but for me, no matter how poor my country is I look at her as the most prestigious country in the world.

Regardless of our political, social, class, and tribal backgrounds, we have something we can celebrate for in common and that can hold us together. When we are proud of our country's history making record then we will develop a sense of nationalism and patriotism. When the sense of nationalism and patriotism are embedded in us then we shall overcome our common enemy including hatred, tribalism, greed, corruption, disrespect for each other, and blame shifting.

Peace to Liberia.

Thomas Kai Toteh

Dec 28th 2005

Roll up your sleeves and work for Liberia!

Dear Editor,

We must all roll up our sleeves and join to rebuild Liberia. I am ready to return tomorrow to help in the rebuilding processes, and all true sons and daughters of Liberia must be ready and willing to do the same if call upon. It is our birthright and our duty.

Y. Thomas, USA

Dec 19th 2005

From James Yarclay's son

Dear Editor,

What sort of people throw stones when they live in glass houses? No person lives a perfect life, we all at some point in time arrive at an obstacle in our life that causes some sort of grief. What differentiates persons that are strong from the others is the ability to persevere through these difficult times. My father is most definitely a strong man you obviously are well aware of the obstacles he has encountered in his time, is it not obvious that he is a strong Liberian man? My father came to this country with very meager provisions, and instead of simply slipping into an empty void like many immigrants, my father worked continuously and relentlessly to provide something good for himself and his family and he has provided very well for us.

Your paper constantly pelts my father with negative publicity that is so unnecessary and deviates considerably from the truth on some occasions. Is it really necessary to degrade one of your countrymen in this way at all times. Maybe you can highlight on some of the positive points of your brother. My father is a very determined man who has instilled in me many fine attributes and I would appreciate it very much if you would consider that James Yarclay is a proud Liberian, he is determined to empower his country, and he loves his people and motherland more than you would possibly ever know.

My father is a strong determined man and with god willing he will not stop until he attains his goal, no feat is unable to be accomplished without faith, determination, passion, and the grace of god, Praise Jah that my father possesses all of these.


Jesse Manquan Yarclay

Note from Editor:

While we thank Mr. Yarclay for expressing his views and opinions, we would like to emphasize that accepts contributions of Liberia-related materials to include on its public domain site; however, statements and opinions expressed in these articles are solely those of the author(s).

We would therefore encourage Mr. Yarclay to respond directly to the author(s) of the article in question.


Dec 19th 2005

"Practice what you preach" Mr. Peace Ambassador.

I think Weah is doing more harm to Liberians/Liberia than good. I also think that he has over-stepped his bound as a Soccer player/politician.

How can someone like him who the United Nations considers "A Goodwill Peace Ambassador", for UNICEF will incite the very people he helped disarmed two years ago to get on the rampage in the streets of Monrovia to create havoc?

Weah needs to adhere to what the majority of Liberians have said, which is,"They want Ellen as their President." I end with this famous quote, "Practice what you preach" Mr. Peace Ambassador.

Rufus Johnson, Portland, OR


Dec 16th 2005

Liberia's immigration laws does not apply to Renegade Weah?


Dear editor,

I would like the minister of Justice to spell out to the world how Liberia immigration law works, it appears that the law does not apply to renegade Weah.

Excerpt of Weah's interview with the Daily Observer.

Daily Observer: Amb. Weah, a lot of your critics, rivals and enemies have made a big deal about the citizenship question. Some say that because you are a naturalized citizen in France and maybe Italy, you should not be in this race. Is that a fair assessment and is there any truth that you hold a European citizenship?

Weah: Well, because it is an election season people will come out and say anything to gain an edge. A lot of people don't know what I do. Only those that are close to me know my abilities and my capabilities. Like the last time in Monrovia there was a story in one of the papers with a photo of my passport with a number in it saying they had finally found Mr. Weah's French passport citizenship and they put in a Liberian passport number which was 002014. You know, I will be honest with you because I live an honest life and I don't want to cheat anybody.

In the past when I played in Paris, of course I played under dual nationality status. So before I came into politics because of the love for my people and when I was petitioned to run I knew there would be rules and I would have to abide by the rules of the elections commission so I renounced my French citizenship and I have all the documents to prove it. But because people have nothing to prove and have nothing against me they are making up all sorts of negative things about me. And as I'm talking to you, I am a Liberian citizen, not a French citizen.

Why is Weah allowed to run as president of Liberia when it is on the record that he held Dual citizenship, which is not allowed under Liberian Law?

I remain son of the soil.


Dec 16th 2005

What did Mbeki and Kuffuor tell George Weah?

Dear Editor,

What did Mbeki and Kuffuor tell George Weah? I wanted for the NTGL to send a communique to the both presidents inquiring them what did they tell defeated presidential candidate George Weah. I am curious to know because when I listened to Weah's speech and answers on Star Radio after his arrival from those two countries I sensed a shaking tone suggesting some important figures had buttressed his claims of foul play in the run-off presidential elections.

From the way his voice was trembling on the radio gives me a mental image of the two rooms that someone  there was petting his shoulder, saying, "The people elected you, boy." I don't need a rocket science to detect that Mr. Weah's foul play claim was supported by Mbeki and Kuffuor. Mr. Weah, when asked by Star Radio's reporter  whether the two leaders told  him to accept the election result or not to accept it said they told him  that there should be a meeting. What meeting? Did the two Leaders not aware of the legal proceeding of the matter in progress? Mr. Weah did not really made it clear as what the two leaders advised him of. While it is true that we don't want to point finger or shape blame on our way from the dust, it would be in the best interest of  Liberia and the two countries to escape double standard relationship now and ever.

Thomas Kai Toteh


Dec 15th 2005

What happens to the mastermind of the violent street demonstration.?

Dear Editor;
I read a news article in the Liberian Forum posted on from the Analyst news paper in Monrovia. In the news article it was reported that 38 CDC rioters were arrested and face 10 -year imprisonment.

According to the report, the Monrovia City Magistrate Court charged the 38 CDC riot suspects with terrorist threat. I have been following the events that led to the recent uproar in Monrovia. George Weah visited with presidents Mbeki of South Africa and Kuffuor of Ghana. When Mr. Weah returned to Monrovia, he addressed fellow CDC partisans at the CDC's headquarters. In his address, Mr. Weah declared himself president. Mr. Weah did not stop there.

He said to his supporters, "revolution is a noble cause. We must fight to obtain it." After Mr. Weah's address to CDC partisans and supporters, Violent demonstration broke out leading to chaos, injuries, destruction of properties and endangering of the peace process.

The question that faces the legal system now after 38 arrests had been made is, What happens to the mastermind of the violent street demonstration.?

Someone may then quickly ask back. Who is the mastermind? The mastermind of December 11 street violence is George Weah. George Weah was the one that impelled the violence. If arrests were made in connection with last Sunday violence why George Weah is not arrested? Does the legal system favor the rich and renowned and harsh on the poor? Or is this a token of reconciliation since the mastermind is a political party leader and run-up presidential candidate? What is going on right now? Are we beginning to compromise our legal system on some political sentiments? Let the law take its due course and bring to justice all those in connection with the December 11 street violence whether directly or indirectly. God bless Liberia.

Thomas Kai Toteh


Dec 15th 2005

George Weah Must Rescind Statement or Be Arrested for Treason

George Weah, the loser of the November 8, 2005 presidential Run-off election in Liberia, on Sunday declared himself elected president of Liberia. Following his pronouncement, his supporters took to the streets of Monrovia and deliberately took the laws into their own hands by rioting, attacking police officers and causing severe injuries on some police officers and damage to properties.

The situation was brought under control by our fine men and women of the Liberian and UNMIL security personnel who arrested 50 of the participants. We are thankful to these courageous individuals for the job well done. But the question remains is, what happens to the man who caused the situation by urging his supporters to rebel?  George Weah went on the radio and declared himself president of Liberia when in fact he is not, isn't not considered over throwing a legitimate government of a nation? The laws of the land must be applied to all and no one is above the laws of the land.

George Weah announcing publicly on the radio that he is the elected president of Liberia is an absolute violation of the laws and  he be held accountable and dealt with him accordingly. The National Transition Government of Liberia must take such a declaration very seriously and charge him with treason. I personally feel that the government of Liberia considers George Weah's behavior a thread to national security and the peace process that every Liberian is craving for.

Everyone is concerned about reconciliation amongst all Liberian for the sake of peace. However, it is becoming clearer that some individuals such as George Weah and his supporters are taking advantage of this by embedding fear in the minds of the general public  that if the NEC does not  agree with their bogus claims of election fraud, there will be no peace in Liberia. I think it is time that the government of Liberia takes a  drastic measure against this man according to the laws of the land. The government must take control of its responsibilities. It can not allow an individual to continue to literally incite violence with no regards for the laws of the country.

People are getting sick and tired with George Weah's behavior and it must stop or be arrested for inciting violence and public disturbances.   

Portland, OR


Dec 15th 2005

To George Weah

Look back and help for humanity's sake. Measure your charity by the acts of others toward you, while you were climbing. Forget not the past with all its good and ill reports. Contemplate your future by the experiences you have had, If you must strike to live, strike hard and sure.


Dec 14th 2005

"African White Chicken."

Dear Editor,
Kindly allow me a space in your medium so that I can tell my short story. This story is entitled, "African White Chicken." This is a story told by our mothers and grandmothers in the village in particular. The title of the story, "African White Chicken" became a common parable amongst Liberians both young and old.

Even though African white chicken, according to its general interpretation, is one who is corrupted by praises and honors. But I remember one thing as a teen in the village. I asked my grandma about the African white chicken legend. She told me,Once upon a time, there was an old lady with a barn of chickens in a village southeast of Liberia. Among her chickens, the old lady loved the white and spotless hen the best. She killed any other chicken for her strangers except her favorite white and spotless chicken. Her love for the white hen won her fellow villagers and her children and grand children. The chicken was so loved that it became a pet and secluded from the rest of the chickens in the village. The white chicken unlike the rest of the others,did not eat worms or play in the dirty water or mud. The chicken was celebrated so much that all the other villagers in the region called the village where the white and spotless chicken was "The village of golden chicken" and villages in far places named this village "The symbolic chicken village."

The news of the white and spotless chicken spread like a wild fire beyond the bound of the clan. One day the old lady sent message through the clan chief to the rest of the other villagers to come and celebrate the oldest and finest chicken in the clan. All was set and women, children and men set out for the celebration. When the celebration commenced the old lady held her white and spotless chicken in her palm like a pet as she usually did. She introduced her chicken as the most spotless, the whitest, oldest, and most loved chicken in the clan. At the end of her introduction and praise and worship, the chicken flew from her hand and landed in the drum of palm oil at her back yard.

Everyone cheered at the bird's flight from the old lady's hand. But when they went to see the bird it turned red and the people jeered. Then the clan chief remarked, "My dear old lady, your chicken is no more white and spotless. It is an African white chicken. It couldn't be different from the rest of the chickens throughout."

Thomas Kai Toteh

Dec 10th 2005

Absolute justice?

Dear Editor,

During his visits to South Africa and Ghana, Mr George Weah, according  to Analyst December 7 on-line edition, complained to presidents Kuffuor and Mbeki  that it was inconceivable for peace to be built on fraud and that it was also impracticable to have peace without absolute justice.

l disagree with Mr. George Weah and all those that hold such perception. There is no such thing as absolute justice. The word absolute, according  to Thesaurus is, Supremely excellent in quality or nature: flawless, and consummate. Let us be reminded that fraud does not undermine peace in any way. It is the responsibility of the government and the governed to punish anyone convicted of fraudulent act.  If the government fails to prosecute people caught in fraudulent acts it can be peacefully impeached in accordance with the Constitution. With all the technologies in developed countries,yet there are cheats, but those countries continue in the rule of law.

With the introduction  of forensic science, hundreds if not thousands of innocent people are behind bars while the main criminals are  free in  the United States and other developed countries. To suggest that we should have absolute justice and fraud free country before we can go ahead with our lives peacefully is like squaring the circle. It will take God's kingdom to come, Amen. We wanted absolute justice and Doe came. We wanted absolute justice and Taylor came. Who can bring about absolute justice to this world beside the true messiah from heaven. When we go back to hold re-elections someone will still complain no matter how transparent it would be.So let join forces with the elected government to curtail fraud amid peace and the rule of law. God Bless Liberia.

Thomas Kai Toteh

Dec 9th 2005

What goes around comes around.

Dear Editor
I read a story in the Liberian Forum, title, "US marshals awaiting extradition of Liberians charged with money laundering." After I read this story, I was quickly reminded me about the failure of an US county attorney to extradite Charles Taylor for the same money laundering charge.

What goes around comes around. Liberian children have a parable that says, it can hurt in dog's eye?"

If I was in authority in Liberia, I would rather prosecute those two Liberians than extraditing them.

Thomas Kai Toteh

Dec 9th 2005

Liberian Media

Dear Editor,
It is an old saying that "Give a man his flower while he is alive." Today we are celebrating victory for the Restoration of democracy and law and order in our country. But one institution that doesn't need to be celebrated but cherished and protected is our media.

Liberian media have played the longest and strongest role in sustaining and fighting for democracy. As a venue for the expression of ideas and the distribution of information, Liberian media have fought heroic battles under past regimes that had little or no tolerance for different points of view.
From the evolution of Liberian media to this date, Liberian journalists have suffered brutalities and continue to suffer brutalities ranging from threats, torture, death, arrests and detention, and arson in the hands of past regimes on one hand, and criticisms and threats from those that they independently cover.

Liberian media did not only suffer from psychological and physical attacks over the years, they had a record of extreme economic conditions ranging from poor staffing, production and sales, and supplies and equipments.

Nevertheless, as in any modern nation, Liberian journalism has sought to provide information that enables citizens to make intelligent decisions-this is central to democracy-that is, freedom requires that both citizens and the media have access to the information that we need to make important decisions.

Liberian media have come a long way through the shadow of the valley of death. In spite of the difficulties these media had to undergo over the years, a significant progress is achieved. Today, Liberians in any part of the world can now access information on Liberia through information high way known as the media convergence or the internet.

Today, Liberians every where don't have to depend on foreign media to get news from their country. This is a hallmark of progressive journalism in Liberia. We as Liberians irrespective of our political affiliation, belief, and agenda should cherish this institution which serves as a bedrock of democracy,development, and preserver of our social and cultural values.

It is crystal clear that Liberian media had been and is a symbol of our existence throughout the crisis. It is the only viable institution that failed to collapse in the wake of complete anarchy during the past fourteen years. As we continue to strive to modernize our country, our challenge is to protect this institution and its staff from threats and intimidation at all times. Let be reminded that a nation can become great when its citizens are tolerant of each other and reject to coward the watchdog of society either verbally, physically or psychologically.

God bless Liberia
Thomas Kai Toteh

Dec 5th 2005

May God Bless Her!

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the job you all at Liberianforum have been doing in keeping our sweet Liberia alive. I visit this website each day. I am so proud to be a Liberian woman. Please allow me to publish this prayer and let everyone far and near to our sweet Liberia pray this prayer for our new president.

May God Bless our Iron Lady and keep her head up in times of trials and tribulations. And may her enemies who put stumbling blocks before her be disgraced in public. AMEN!



Dec 1st 2005

Congratulations Madame

Liberia was left with no choice but to make history, either to be hailed or to be booed. Liberia is left with being hailed, for electing the first female President of Africa, this move put Liberia first again in Africa.

Secondly, the next choice was to put a little hoodlum from a soccer field in Power, I wonder how history will tell on us?

We must continue with idioms in Principle not the reverse as though we are alone in the world, the world is watching, this time is no mst. samuel Doe like or charles Taylor like.

Thirdly, I must congratulate the President elect for her diligence and persistence and giving us a chance to make such a prudent decision. I remain son of the soul.

November 26th 2005


Progressive Alliance Of River-Gee Co.

The Progressive Alliance Of River-Gee County in The United States, Extends Thanks And Its Gratitude To The People Of Liberia For The Election Of Mrs. Ellen Johnson - Sirleaf As President.
It Is Our Distinguished Honor Also To Congratulate Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Upon Her Historic Victory
As Our ( Liberia's ) Next President.
With No Doubts On Mind, We Are Of The Strongest Conviction That Her Leadership Will Become A 'Model' For Our Country and Region.
Congratulations Madam Sirleaf, And May The Almighty Guide Your Path.

Robert J. Williams
Secretary General
Jerome W. Koon, Jr.
Trenton, NJ USA

November 19th 2005

Open Letter to Tarty Teh

I read with amazement your article, Still Waiting for Liberia's First Clean Vote after 158 Years, in the Nov 16,2005 edition of NewsWatch. I am interested in two points put across by you.

You said "Among the oddities of the 2005 presidential election is the fact that, in the first round, voters waited as many as three hours in lines for a chance to vote in the capital but took just over ten minutes on average in the same locations to vote in the run-off. But the number of votes separating the first round from the run-off seems statistically insignificant, yet the shift from one candidate to another is inexplicably massive“ burying the first-round champ in what appears to be a mudslide.

It is not wise to argue that voters waited longer in line in the first round and not in the second round because in the first round we had 22 candidates running. These candidates were on the ballot. Any fast thinking person will know that it will take a lot more education and time for voters to find their desired candidates. It takes time to do that. That explains the long wait. I don't know where you took your statistics class, but 15% in statistics is not insignificant.

As for the first round win by Weah and then his subsequent defeat in the run-off. Take this from me. There was 52.9% of the population that did not vote for Weah or Ellen. These people needed convincing. The candidate with the best campaign in place won. I would have been shock if Weah had gotten less than what he got in the first round.


November 18th 2005

What's Next?

The more ignorant you are, the quicker you fight. What is all the noise about? In every race, there must be a winner. A winner is one who accepts defeat but is not complacent with it. He sees his shortcomings, rectifies them and moves forward with determination to become a winner the next time.

It doesn't matter who becomes Liberia's next president. What matters most is for us (Liberians) to rise up from our slumber and help rebuild our country.
Yesterday, we voted as partisans of the CDC and UP, today, let us work together for the betterment of our future and that of our children's children.

Let us not allow our selves to be used as an impediment to the peace process by those selfish political opportunists who believe that politics should be associated with violence. I believe gone should be those days when disputes were settled through violence.

Real partisans shouldn't make statements that will provoke violence in our already fragile peace. One who believes he is more Liberian than any Liberian or claims to be a unifier will always work in the best interest of the country and not any 'self' or 'individual'.
The out come of the run-off presidential election doesn't matter as long as you are a Liberian…my brothers and sisters. Does it matter whom I voted for? Should it bother me now that you took down my candidate's poster? This is the essence of democracy: there must be a winner and a loser. What excites me most is that we are all winners!! We all voted for Mama

A few days ago, I spoke with somebody who believes that nothing good can come out of Liberia until fifty years later. I couldn't challenge him because my brothers and sisters had neglected school and work, protesting in the streets for a cause they're ignorant of. I strongly feel something fantastic has already come out of Liberia!!!!!

Amongst the youths who have taken to the streets today are potential future leaders, provided they are farsighted and wise enough to distinguish between what is good and evil in terms of their future. Why aren't the children of our party officials in the streets along with us? Are their children even in the country? How long will we be fooled and be used as rags by these same old people who have lived their lives and are now robbing us of our youth? Listen, partisans, this new Liberia is being prepared for prepared people.

Have we forgotten those days when we all sang and danced to the rhythm of 'Sweet Liberia'? What about those days when we had to play the Sunday school boy/girl just to get our parents' approval for the Friday night inter high school talent show; and even in our different communities, how we used to sit, gossip, joke and laugh without hostility. I'm convinced that tomorrow can even be better than those days, provided we as a people agree to put away our differences and work together for the good of our country.

“In union strong success is sure we can not fail, with God above our rights to prove, we will over all prevail.”

Eileen M Samuels

November 14th 2005

Congratulations Madam Sirleaf.

Madam Sirleaf deserves to be congratulated for a wonderful job and a successful campaign that she ran to gave her the edge of capturing the presidency of the Republic of Liberia. This is a kind of person we want to lead Liberia, strong will, determined, well experienced, well educated and above all, family oriented individual. I think she will be a very good president, who will give her all to help bring peace and stability to Liberia through unity, creation of jobs, promoting healthcare for all, education, economic growth, providing electricity to all homes in the cities, clean water, reconstruction of our destroyed cities, and damaged roads and streets. She has ability to do all of these if we all unite behind her.

Congratulations Madam Sirleaf.

Joseph Yeaney

November 12th 2005

An Advice to George Weah (*ed.)

George :

The game is over. The whistle is gone and the score reads victory for Ellen. Accept the results, go to school, get educated and try again. And one more thing George, don’t surround yourself with perpetual losers like:

Baccus Matthews - who has won nothing for himself, Milton Teajay – who abandoned his party, Alhaji Kromah – the recognition prostitute, Togbana Tipoteh – who has no winning record, Winston Tubman – who takes instruction from disgraced George Dweh, and Varney Sherman – whose managerial and administrative skills is limited to managing 2 –3 lawyers in a cubicle, but yet wants to be president of Liberia.

George if you were politically competent, you would have known winners from losers, these are some of the winners who helped Ellen win. All of them have something in common, they have won something for their people and for themselves, they are winners, but your men are losers.

Jeremiah Sulonteh – won Bong for Winston Tubman, Jewel Taylor - won her senatorial seat with massive support, and she is a symbol of principles, Gbhzohnger Findley – who won Bassa on his own for himself, Abel Massaley – with so much respect in Cape Mount when he speaks people listen, Dr Joseph Korto – the honorable man from Nimba who made Moses Blah speechless in his hometown, and Judge Gloria Scott – whoturned Winston Tubman into a stranger in Maryland.

Like in sports George, coaches seek talented players, in politics candidates surrounds themselves with people of ideas. Your men are barren, they lack political ideas, and their presence eroded your popularity. Get rid of them and look for winners next time, don’t let them to mislead you any further, accepts the results because it’s not going to change. In six years there will be another election time is on your side, go to school now so Matthews and others won’t have need to instruct you to run from debates, because debates really do matter.


David Kemah

Laurel, MD USA

*I apologize to readers for submitting the draft of this letter, hope this copy conveys my advice correctly . .

November 9 th 2005

Weah's wife voting

Dear Editor,

Can you PLEASE explain to me how in the world the so called election committee can allow Weah's wife to vote and not allow Liberians
outside the the country vote?

V Bannerman

November 9 th 2005

Unite the People My A….!

I am riddled with disgust every time I think of the fact that ex-footballer, Weah is going to be the leader of my country. Why shouldn't I be so devastated and sad for mama Liberia? How does the leadership skill of an illiterate dimwitted ex-soccer star translate to the political scene of a country that is in total disarray? How is this 24th century pea-brain of an over-inflated egocentric and opportunistic propagandist "I am so popular" individual going to transform Liberia from its current state of affairs to what we yearn for?

Why is everyone talking about Weah being the only one who can unite the people of this country? The people are in no way divided! Conflict theorists propose that when resources are scarce, people tend to compute (conflict) the most. In this case, the Liberian people seem to be divided because life sucks! If everyone can have access to life's necessities we will all coexist without a hitch. Oppong is not a social scientist who has the skill to unite. He could not unite the Lone Star, or his household.

Oppong's success as president would be dependant on people with brain-for-hire.
"If the highest position in the land does not require education, of course the rest is fair-game."

As I said before, "the next leader should be a teacher without a curriculum." A leader who has the heart to get up at night and mourn for the people and pray for direction. A leader who knows leadership both as an achieved and ascribed status. For the two contestants, at least Ellen has achieved leadership status and is by far the lesser-of-two-evils, better yet the competent of two incompetents. Oppong is an opportunist who has taken advantage of the mandate of the 80% illiterate people of our land by agreeing to run for the presidency.

At the end of the day, if the people speak, we must listen. And bear the humiliation later as Liberians! But there is no way an incompetent 4th grader who can’t articulate his own objectives is going to “deliver us from evil.”


October 27th 2005


Fellow Liberians, exactly three weeks ago you went to the polls to choose a leader. Through your votes you clearly and unequivocally told the world that the vast majority of you wanted George Manneh Weah for President. A few of our countrymen and women through their selfish acts, drafted a series election laws that will only benefit them, and no one else.
A few of these guys gathered in Ghana a couple of years ago to draft a Peace Accord, after Charles Taylor was booted out of office. They knew then as we now getting to know that it was not possible for a single candidate or a political Party in a divided country like Liberia to come up with a 50% majority. Yet they included that provision in the accord that established the Elections Commissions and the guidelines governing the electoral process of the land. The question that we now found ourselves asking is, what were they really thinking to have come up with such a guideline and yet allowed up to fifty Presidential Candidates and their Parties to register?

Thanks to Mrs. Morris and her Elections Commissioners who have to cut them down to a staggering twenty two. It is now evidently clear as to the reason why Mr. Charles Taylor was able to hijack up to 80% of the votes in the previous elections since he and his thugs were in control of 90% of the entire country, and had our people under gun point. This is not the case in these elections. We had the United Nations UNIMIL providing security through out the country, plus it was also an open field with conditions equalized for all of the candidates, therefore a simple majority would have sufficed as far as the Liberian People are concerned. We are just emerging from a devastating civil conflict coupled with a non existing economy and infrastructural collapse. The last thing that we wanted was a multiple electoral process that will further divide us a people and cost a lot of money (which we never had in the first place) that could have been used to jump-start the country and get us back on our feet.

It was not a bit surprising to me when I learnt from the Pro Ellen Sirleaf Analyst Newspaper that she was challenging Mr. Weah to an open debate before the November the 8th Run-off Election. Is this not the same Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is the Prestigious Harvard University's World Trained Economist, and former U.N.D.P. Regional Representative to Africa? What is she doing fighting to debate a man who is a 4th GRADE DROP-OUT? Did your soon to be indicted War Criminal bodies like H. Boima Fhanbulleh, and Amos the Moose Sawyer forget to advise you otherwise, or did your cronies in M.O.P. forget to pass on the memo to you since they did such an extensive research on the Life and Times of George Weah? George Weah and his CDC Supporters want to debate someone with a track record of winning a Political Election not someone whom after three tries at this one presidency job can only manage a distant second place.

It is certainly true from the old adage that that a drowning man will fight to hold on to a straw or even a razor blade, and this debate that you are desperately seeking with Mr. Weah Mama Sirleaf, just proves that point. Why will George Weah want to debate you when he has shown the whole World that he can defeat you through the ballot box? The Liberian people want someone with action and solution to their mountain problems not one who only wants to debate about it. Incase you forgot, we have debated over our problems for over 160 years now and all we have to show to the world is a ruined waste land. The Liberian voters are now telling us to shot up and do something about it. JUST DO IT. You are already down so you fear no fall, and you also got nothing to loose, therefore you want to put it all on the line in this one debate. We do understand that you are now invigorated by the large underground money recently funneled to you by the God Father himself Charles Macarthur Taylor from Nigeria.

To prove this point, we were not a bit shocked when one of his many estranged wives Jewel Taylor together with his cronies like Cyril Allen immediately pledged their support to you, which as we now learnt was the day after the money was transferred from the middleman into to your campaign account. In order to show him your gratitude for financing your run-off campaign, you wasted no time in going so far out of you way to announce that you will not prosecute War Criminals. Mr. Weah and his supporters will not be a part to this comedy of errors. I think I also got bad news for you, this is now in the hands of the United Nations Security Council, and the International Courts in the Hague, and you got nothing to do with it, so you better give Al Capone Taylor his money back before he comes after you.

Let me express my sincere thanks to the Standard Bearers of the many Political Parties that are now lending their supports to Mr. Weah and the CDC Party for this up coming run-off election. We know that you are doing this because you truly want to see Liberia succeed, and I promise you that this will be the only thing that Mr. Weah can promise us all. I must make a special note of thanks and appreciation to Cllrs. Vaney Sherman and Winston Tubman for not only pledging their moral supports, but monetary, and other resources as well.

As you all have clearly started, and which we very much understand, and appreciate, you are supporting Mr. Weah over Mrs. Sirleaf because of your love for Liberia. If you Very Highly Educated Gentlemen who know the ins, and outs of Liberian Politics, and the Plight of the Liberian People, would yield the Presidency of the Republic of Liberia to a 4th GRADE DROP-OUT and pledged to work with him for the success of our SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY, and to follow the wishes of the Liberian people who expressed it in mass under the stormiest of weather, simply tells me that you guys are the people's choices for the next election in 4 years, and you already earned my support and endorsement.

Contrary to the report of several Anti-Weah, and Pro- Ellen Sirleaf U.S. based News sites, including the PROSPECTIVE, your endorsement for Mr. Weah is to Unite this country once and for all and get us to move forward as we continue to heal from our wounds. You are in no way seeking gravy; rather you guys are the ones that are providing the gravy.

In two very brilliant articles written by two outstanding Liberians, Mr. James F. Kollie, just made my case that I have been presenting over a year now when he took a critical look at the Presidency of Ellen Sirleaf. Mr. Peter Gayflor in his part, exposed the real intentions of a group of very greedy and selfish Liberians under the umbrella of M.O.P.
It saddens me to see this group in its quest to deceive the Liberian People with lies and propagandas in order to salvage support for their loosing candidate, came up with the article in the "UnAnalytical News Paper” that Mr. Weah is a 4th Grade drop-out. Now to add insult to injury, they are now calling relatives back home in Monrovia that the U.S. Embassy there is denying visas to those Liberians who voted for George Weah so they must instead vote for Ellen Sirleaf in order to obtain a U.S. Visa.

You guys must be taking this election madness to far, because of the trauma you all may have suffered from Hurricane George's defeat. I know that you all have been engaging in Bake Sales and various other forms of fund raisers in order to support the candidacy of Mrs. Sirleaf. Now you can't stand to see your candidate loose in a free and fair election, but when you guys start giving out false information about the U.S. Embassy, you are really setting yourselves up for a possible FBI probe, because you are playing with the Feds.

A lot of you have lived here for quite a while and have obtained U.S. Citizenship, years back the same Charles Taylor and Ellen Sirleaf infiltrated your various organizations and your news sites, and used that to the detriment of our people back home. The moment they pack up and return home to run for an election, you all just blindly follow. George Weah has not come over to the U.S. on his knees begging you guys for campaign funds so you all are treating him like a step child. The good book told us that the "stone that the builder refused shall be the head corner stone". We want to go home and fix what is left of Liberia that a lot of us here have taken turn to destroy, and then stay there.

Before I close, let me leave you all with this piece of advice: please stop writing and frightening others that they must vote for Ellen Sirleaf simply because she has more experience than George Weah. Where is this idea coming from? As far I know she has neither ever been elected President of Liberia nor has she ever occupied the position of Head of State or Vice Head of State of any nation. When it comes to the New Liberia every body is at the same level (LEARN ON THE JOB) and it all depends on the people that you have around you. Since George Weah's candidacy has brought together the best minds like U.N. Renowned Statesman Hon. Winston Tubman, Cllr. Varney Sherman, Dr. Tipoteh, and down to the little old illiterate lady Ma Gbassay from the back woods of Fissibu, in Lofa and Old man Tarplah from Blamo Blee along the Coast Line of Sinoe, He now stands a symbol "LIBERIA'S UNITY" where the tail-coats and top-hats dancing together with the grass-skirts and portor.
Until then,


Texas, U.S.A

October 27th 2005

Voices of the Struggling Masses

Please allow me a few minutes of your time to utter my outlook of the current Election conditions. I am very uneasy of expressing my views in such a public medium since I am incredibly aware that my views of things constitute nothing but MY view of things.

However, it is regrettable that the election’s chase for the hearts and minds and perhaps the sympathy of the good Liberians has been relegated to a battle of “educated vs. uneducated”.

Some are suggesting that the Liberian masses are too “IGNORANT” to make a sensible political decision. This is an implication of democratic insufficiency. According to early political theorists, such proposition is an accusation of horrifying magnitude as in the case of earlier thinkers who wanted democracy but only for property owners; 'ordinary people' would be too preoccupied with the day-to-day scrabble for personal survival to be able to exercise the disinterested rationality necessary for public life. Thus, their role should be restricted to the periodic electing of competing teams of people experienced in political arts. In between elections, according to such theories, it was best that ordinary people remained passive, being administered but not contributing to administration. That educated Liberians should resort to such predisposition, in a climate of a deciding election, of political superiority is outrageous and highly divisive.

It should be stressed here that classic liberal or otherwise modern participatory democracy does not expect that all of the people spend their entire time familiarizing themselves with matters of politics. Many, like me, are examples of this classic phenomenon.

Many Liberians are inimical about the rule of the “Educated Class Liberians”. They’ve been subjected to years of protracted suffering and severe humiliation from the well-minded or otherwise educated class Liberians. To the average Liberian, this election is an opportunity to regain their dignity and respect by leveraging their control of the ballot box irrespective of the consequential effect. This is not ignorance. This is distrust and perhaps mistrusts in the educated class Liberians and the outcome of their Western miseducation and unparallel intoxication.

It is essential as Liberians to listen to the voices of the struggling masses. These “illiterate’ people are faced with difficult and often challenging decisions every day of their lives. Many must decide between major conflicting interests – health, food, shelter and education. For us the “well-to-do”, education came not as an option but something we were privileged to have since health, food and shelter were readily available. Such has not been the case in Liberia for nearly 15 years and counting.

The cries we are now hearing from our people “you don’t know book I’ll vote for you”, “you know book your country dirty” and so on are not cries of ignorance but wake-up calls to all of us well-minded Liberians. There are cries of hope from the disenfranchised that someday someone who understands the plight of the “illiterate” masses will rise to the occasion and bring back their hope, trust, confidence and meaning to true education.

My intention is not to discount or discredit the value of education, as I am an avid lover of academics and academic pursuits. Nevertheless, we must never allow our confidence or self-propelled competence to strip others of their dignity, self-worth or humanity.

We are all God’s children.

Paul B. Muah

About the author:

Paul B. Muah is a native of Liberia who resides in Atlanta , GA with his wife Alma and son Caleb. Paul has earned, with honors an Associate of Arts in Management, an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, a Master of Science in International Financial Management and is a candidate for the Master of Science in Industrial Quality Engineering. He has also earned a Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Financial Management and is Microsoft Certified Professional. He is employed with Gravograph, Inc and has worked in various capacities from Senior Application Engineer to Corporate Technical Trainer.

October 27th 2005



I just red an article in the October 27th issue of the Liberian Analyst News Paper by an unnamed editor entitled “WEAH IS A 4TH GRADE DROP OUT”. According to the ghost writer, the article was an accusation from the Movement of Political Reform in Liberia.


This article just brought me nothing, but delights and just lightened up my day. I could not stop beaming with smiles when I was glancing through it humor. I just wanted to ask the Standard Bearer and supporters of THE MOVEMENT FOR POLITICAL REFORM IN LIBERIA (MOP) one simple question. How does it feel to get you asses kicked by a 4th grade drop-out in free and fair elections in Liberia?

In this day, in this age, and in this century, this is quite a shame to be a sore looser. The answer to me obviously simple: Either you are a head-start drop-out or someone with a high school diploma or a college degree that is just mentally confused.

What ever the situation in which you find yourself, or for that matter the spectrum of your political persuasion, one thing is certain that this Liberian 4th grade drop- out has done things that no other 4th grade-drop out in the world has done. Just in case you are still hypnotized and dazzled by Mr. Weah’s farness, and charisma, let me just remind you of his worldly accomplishments that even all of the best educated Liberians will only dream about.

1-      Chosen World best in his profession by his peers.

2-      Appointed by a world body (United Nations) as a Goodwill Ambassador

3-      Awarded the highest Humanitarian accolade in sport.

4-      One of Africa’s leading Business Entrepreneurs.


How many PhD holders in the world can boast of an asset of 93 million U.S. Dollars? Well this 4th grade drop out has that through his hard work, sweat and blood. Is the entire Liberian annual budget up to this amount as we speak? Just in case you forgot, this 4th grade drop-out recently debated with the best of the best of Liberian Politicians and held his grounds with flying colors.


So to you all frustrated MOP Supporters, we do understand how you feel, just join us in this new Weah's Government and we will teach you bigger and better things in life. The train for Liberia’s success and progress has taken off. Captain Weah is on board, and we are not turning back.




Texas, U.S.A.

October 27th 2005


We understand that Mrs Ellen Sirleaf has apologized to the Liberian for over Her past mistakes,but this is what the Liberians should know very clearly.

Yes She may be/or can be forgiven but remember that She has to face the consenquences of bad governance and misrule during the past regime which she served under as the Finance minister.

Liberian should not allow Her to sit in the highest office in the land and yet the wounds have not yet been healed from the people.

Liberian can forgive Her but it will take time to forget.I there for urge you to turn out in large numbers and massively vote for "KING GEORGE".

Mose Zewedi,

Kitale Kenya

October 24th 2005

Mr. European keep off our Immigration Laws

The Race Free Society Movement for Dignity and Development (RAFREDOM) says it supports statements attributed to the Head of the European Union Elections Observer Mission to the effect that the incoming government should grant citizenship to immigrants of non-Negro descent.

Recently, the Head of the European Union Elections Observer Mission, Mr. Max Van den Berg told a news conference in Monrovia that the incoming government should seriously consider granting Liberian citizenship to other races of humankind.

It is interesting to hear a comment from a dutchman about humankind especially from the dutch, who denied black south Africans their basic human rights.

I strongly think it is against the U.N. charter on human rights for a foreign Country to meddle in the affairs of a sovereign state as Mr. Berg has done.

The last time I heard words like 'humankind 'was from the former Prime Minister of Canada, Hon. Brian Mulroney who told former British Prime Minister Thatcher about the very inhumane treatment of the Europeans against black south Africans. That let to the begining of freedom for black South Africans.

Please Mr. European butt out off our immigration Law we have to live with the out come not you.

A very concerned Liberian

October 18th 2005

Rebuilding Liberia

To Whom It May Concern:

As a Liberian-American, it is very encouraging to see the people of Liberia participate in a long overdue presidential election in hopes of rebuilding a torn nation and freeing an oppressed people.  Liberians have a God-given right to their liberty.  About the election situation, it is at a critical crossroad.  As a Kru tribe person, I would like to see Weah do well.  However, I don't think he is ready for the presidency.  I would prefer that he step aside and allow Sirleaf become president and that she bring him under her wings and appoint him to key positions within her administration so that he can learn how to govern a people.  Afterward, he will become the next president and with an adequate political and economical savvy to run the country well for the next two or three terms, pending existing law.  Sirleaf is 66 years old and she will be president for only one term, but it is a critical one that can put Liberia on the right road to a prosperous future.  We must get this horse out of the gates right the first time.  If not, the people will lose hope and rebel.  This situation must be voided at all cost.  May God smile on Liberia and Liberians.


John Bernard Smith

Liberian American


October 15th 2005

Educated vs. non-educated candidates, and "old guard" vs. "new guard".

Dear Editor,

I have followed Liberia's elections with deep concern. Liberians have voted on tribal lines confirming the underlying tribal fears politicians might have fed the people. I read the letter from the Kenyan on Liberianforum and I had to respond.

The argument about educated vs. non-educated candidates, and "old guard" vs. "new guard" is ludicrous, especially since all George Weah's men are from the "old guard". His VP has an MA from UCLA and is a career politican.

It is all old wine in a new bottle, sadly common with the rest of Africa.

Joseph Tyani - Atlanta, Georgia


Fri, 14 Oct 2005

Re: Elections


People of Liberia have seen in the past how the so called interlectuals ruined the Country and the Economy.George Weah will lead Liberians through Wisdom from God even though He is not a Degree holder.A degree from Harvard University cannot be compared to the Heavenly Wisdom.George Weah is gonna be like a Biblical Moses to lead the Liberians into peace and Prosperty.Leaders come from God and not necessarily a degree holder from the well known Universities.George is still young and if wishes to,can still furtherance His studies for as many degrees as He may want to,But George you are a Man of the people!! George for President,GO GEORGE GO!!!! WE LOVE YOU AND STAND WITH YOU IN PRAYERS,I CANT WAIT TO HEAR THAT YOU ARE IN THAT TOP OFFICE IN THE LAND OF LIBERIA,.


Kitale Country, KENYA





Kitale Country, KENYA

Tue, 11 Oct 2005


The People of Liberia in a quest to assume their role as the pace maker for leadership among West African Nations yea the African Continent despite their series of Political and Economic misfortunes, have now taken a 360 degree turn to face the 21st Century manfully and womanfully.

The Massive and unconditional support for Candidate George Manneh Weah is to let the world know that we the people of Liberia are sick and tired of Career Politicians who since the emergence of Independence of the more than fifty African Nations, have done nothing but loot the resources and sell their soles to the devil in order to stay in office.

To Other West African Nations, the people of Liberia want to tell you to wake up, and rise with us as we move to compete for our rightful roles in this cruel and dog eat dog world. Big fat Education with degrees attached and impressive resumes are no longer enough for our people. We need a very lengthy track record of patriotism and good moral virtues. We want to show them things that they can see, and not imagine. We are no longer in the mood to accept mere political rhetoric’s and slogans from politicians for the simple fact that time is too short and we just don’t have any to waste. No more business as usual for these two faced Political Old Timers and Looters. When we are done with Liberia, we are going to move this fight to Sierra Leone, because we have a George Weah protégé called VALENTINE STRASSER.




Thu, 6 Oct 2005

Increase the life span of GEMAP.

Dear Editor,

The life span of GEMAP is not enough due to the damages caused by the war and the fact that this is a recovery period.

One can see the damage of infrastructures, roads repairs, deforestation, lack of security, erosion from the ocean, lack of electricity and no infrastructure to speak of.

Liberia needs safe and adequate Water, Telecommunication, New drainage, New roads, cleaning of drainage, repairs of Schools, New Housing, repairs buildings, with all of these to be implemented GEMAP's life span should be increased.

I am appealing to the international communities to consider the increasing of the life span of GEMAP.

Plus, with the increased of GEMAP life span, we will witness the merger of Political Parties, out of these merger we will observe two Political Parties which will serve the interest of the Liberians People . Without the increased of GEMAP life span,these development is bond to failure, Liberia will also retain the status of"fail state" Permanently

Words of Wisdom: If I have the gift of Prophecy and know all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have called faith, so as to moved Mountain but don't have love, I am nothing.

Mr. J. T Jeremiah


Tue, 4 Oct 2005

Liberia Procurements need transparency and Accountability

Re: CMC discussion New Procurement/ Concession Contracts

I personally think the objective of government Proccurement & contracting should be to satisfy operational needs through the aquisition of goods and services, including construction services, in a manner that enhances access, competition and fairness and results in best value to Liberia.

Through these objectives, the implemented policies and guidelines ensure that government procurement/contracting activities reflect transparency,complies with the required acts and agreement, encourages competition, supports development, and other positive contracting/procurement guidelines.

The practice of theft while in public office must be curbed!.

A concerned Liberian

Sun, 11 Sep 2005

Response to Mr. Thomas Woewiyu

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am a regular reader of your informative online news magazine Liberian
Forum. You are strong advocate when it comes to freedom of expression
Please keep up the good job.

In addition, I would like to use this unique opportunity to respond to
a letter posted on the Liberian Times online magazine with the title "The Rest of Your Apologies". The long letter was written by the former
Senator of Liberia Mr. Thomas Woewiyu. He accused Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf of destroying Liberia. History tells us that Mr. Woewiyu was the Defense Minister working with the NPFL Government under the leadership of Charles Taylor. He advised many young boys and girls to kill their fellow Liberians during the civil war. Today, the same person is crying aloud sinner! sinner! But he has forgotten that a sinner can not accuse another sinner.

I think Mr. Woewiyu is a devoted Christian. Perhaps, he should
read the Gospel of Luke again.

Thank you for allowing me to air my views.


Charles L. Massaquoi

Fri, 9 Sep 2005

Let Kenneth Best Retire

Dear Editor,

What is currently going on within the Daily Observer caught my attention greatly. As a free-lanced journalist, I am appealing to Mr. Kenneth Y. Best to retire now for the following reasons:
(1) He is aging against the profession.
(2) His paper is also an old one now.
(3) He is slowly getting out of bound.

(4) Now where in the journalistic principles does publisher get involved in the editorial of the paper.

To cut a long matter short, I say to Mr. Best, every good thing and bad thing must come to an end. I was and is an admirer of the Daily Observer, but it's time you go and play golf and leave the game with the younger ones. Replacing your reporters and editors with family members is a sign that the paper is getting weaker as far as journlistic ethics and principles are concerned. Small shame is better than big shame. Retire nnow to save this famous news medium from public radicules.

Thomas Kai Toteh


Wed, 31 Aug 2005

African and American Blacks

I agree 100% as an overall view that American blacks seem not to care about our motherland.  However, I do think that some do, but just not enough to make a real impact immediately.  Most so-called black leaders are focused inward to enhance their own interests, at the sacrifice of others.  When I watch CNN, I see white and Muslim countries helping poor African nations, but not American blacks and I am angry and shame.

American blacks don't like to help themselves either, but I have hoped that this too shall past.  African and American blacks must join in this global effort, economically and socially.  American blacks may be somewhat ahead in terms of economics, but African blacks are far ahead socially. The two must become one effort toward a common goal that enhances both African and American blacks. 

Tourism would be an important step toward economic stability in West Africa - first, there must a reason for American blacks to visit Africa.  After they come once, they will come back and the investments will begin, spearheading Africa into the global markets with finished products and services, not just raw materials.

I am proud of my heritage - the Kru people of Grand Kru County, according to my DNA analysis.  I plan to visit Liberia after I complete my genealogy to learn more about my country and its people.  I will look for ways to contribute to Liberia's comeback.

I am a career logistics manager and a farmer.  I had a passion for making things grow and helping people to learn how to do for them - I get no glory in giving handouts.  I want to contribute to the self-development of Liberians and Black Africans.

John B. Smith ( Liberian American, Mississippian, Logistician, Farmer)

Friday, 19th August 2005

Dual Citizenship

To the Editor,

I strongly believe that the future elect President should do the honorable thing; he or she must give amnesty to all Liberians who fled the Country due to the circumstances that led up to the civil war. People thattook up Citizenship of other Countries can make up their minds, Liberian law does not accept dual Citizenship there should be no Penatly if one decides to opt out and accept foreign Citizenship, there should be a 2 year period to do so.

This is the way to show Leadership without getting rid of our Laws as Winston suggested, and other suggestions like allowing dual Citizenship will only increase Problems to our Country as it is.

Wed, 17 Aug 2005


My fellow Liberians, God Almighty has touched the hearts of our Dear Chairlady of the Elections Commission and her Commissioners who voted to allow some Political Parties and individual candidates to contest this upcoming October General Elections. As you may know by now they bent over far backwards to accommodate some of the Candidates to make the cut just in the name of peace and their love for this glorious land of Liberty. They have done their part and have given you the chance to do what is right for Liberia.

To the CANDIDATES, please strongly worn your supporters and sympathizers that the Elections Commissions and the Government of Liberia will have a ZERO TOLERANCE to any individual or groups that will intimidate, insult, and threaten any other person based on the fact they disagree with them. The Elections Commission will also institute a ZERO TOLERANCE to any individual, or group that intends to violate the ELECTION LAWS OR THE REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA. It will be done without any fear or favor.

Please do not vandalize any campaign posters, vehicles, and other properties belonging to another candidate or their party. If you do not like what they have simply make yours, and make it better, and let the magic of the ballots work

We are appealing to you Madam Commission Chair Lady and the Justice Ministry to bar any Political Party, or individual caught engaging in disorderly conduct or violence from participating in the elections and also face stiff jail time.

If parties cannot control their supporters and sympathizers now, I can assure you that they will not be able to control them in the event that they win the election and assume office in October. The thug mentality and intimidation must end. After all, when these elections come and go, we still have each other as Liberians, and there is nothing much we can do about that. Please remember that Liberia is by far bigger that the best of the best candidate out there, and to this end what best for Liberia comes first.




Mon, 15 Aug 2005


My fellow Liberian, I am totally convinced that the recent decision by the Hon. Chair Lady of the Liberian Elections Commissions Cllr. Frances Morris allowing certain Presidential Candidates to go on and contest the October Elections, has nothing to do with the Liberian Constitution. This whole decision was in the name of the Republic of Liberia (for peace, unity and reconciliation). This is the single most significant decision that will decide the destiny of Liberia. Regardless of who wins the Presidency, this decision is just simply telling us that we have just this one last GOD’S given chance to do what is right for Liberia. No individual or groups must complain as to the outcome of these elections. The process is completely in our hands. Even the Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has to weigh in, and in a press release from his Foundation in Atlanta Georgia, he asked Liberians to campaign peacefully. Do we actually need an outsider to admonish us in this regard?

I am really begging, and praying. Let us all follow the Laws, let us be peaceful and have respect for each other regardless of our differences of opinions, and choices. Politicians, you do not have to engage in no ritualistic killing (Heart man Business) in order to win any political seat. It is your record and your life that will make us vote for you. We are not the first and definitely not last Country to have general and Presidential Elections. The whole World is watching, WE BETTER DO THINGS RIGHT.


Sat, 13 Aug 2005

Dictating to Liberians

Sir, I would like to say these few words, those People that came to Liberia after independence can not dictate to us how to run our Country. Mr. B.

Sat, 6 Aug 2005

Open Letter to the NEC, RE: Ellen Dunbar

Dear Sirs,

I am writing you to inform you that my Aunt Madame Ellen Dunbar, the
legislative candidate for Montserrado County from the New Destiny Party
does not meet the qualification to contest this seat according to the
Article 32 of the Constitution of Liberia. Madame Dunbar is not a citizen of
Liberia. She is a citizen of the United States.

Article 30

Citizens of Liberia who meet the following qualifications are eligible to become members of the Legislature:

(a) for the Senate, have attained the age of 30 years and for the House of Representatives, have attained the age of 25 years;
(b) be domiciled in the county or constituency to be represented not less than one year prior to the time of the election and be a taxpayer.

I write this letter because I believe with every fiber of my being that
adherence to the Rule of Law is what makes a nation great. The
greatness of the new Liberia can only be recognized if each and every Liberian makes
it their solemn duty to defend the Constitution of Liberia. Liberia
cannot be built on the silence of family members to such violations of the

Madame Dunbar's candidacy and the candidacy of other former Liberians
is an insult and an affront not only Liberians living today. I cannot fathom
that people who chose to discard their Liberian citizenship as a matter of
convenience, now want to dance as Americans on the graves of those
300,000+ men, women, and children who died during the civil war for no other
reason that they were Liberians, and they had no capacity to change their

Please take the necessary action to vet, not only Madam Dunbar but, all
candidates for office.


George K Fahnbulleh
Mesa, AZ

Wed, 20 Jul 2005

George Weah's Citizenship

Dear Mr. Editor,

I read your interview with Presidential Candidate George Oppong Weah. Mr. Weah admitted in the interview he was at one time a French citizen. This disclosure disqualifies Mr. Weah for the Presidency of Liberia. Mr. Weah claims he "played under dual nationality status."

Mr. Weah needs to be better informed of the Liberian Laws if he wants to be president of Liberia. Liberian Law does not allow dual citizenship. As a matter of fact, simply taking another citizenship automatically loses one his/her Liberian citizenship.

The Alien and Nationality Law of Liberia states the following: a person who is a citizen of Liberia whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his citizenship by --(a) Obtaining naturalization in a foreign state upon his own application, upon the application of a duly authorized agent The minute Mr. Weah, as was his right to, became a French Citizen he lost his Liberian citizenship.

Mr. Weah's claim he later renounced his French citizenship has no bearing on whether or not he is a Liberian citizen. In order to become a Liberian citizen after becoming the citizen of France, Mr. Weah must naturalize, simply renouncing his French citizenship alone, does not return Mr. Weah to the status of Liberian Citizen, that was lost and can only be re-gained thru a process of Naturalization.

If Mr. Weah did indeed naturalize, he no longer meets the requirements to run for president of Liberia because he does not meet the "natural born citizen" clause: His current Liberian citizenship is the result of naturalization not of being born a citizen. The elections commission should not wait for Mr. Weah, or any other candidate,to file a certification application, but it must proactively issue a blanket statement which affirms the Laws of the Republic of Liberia with regards to this issue.

Franz Fanon wrote: "The new day that is at hand, must find us firm, prudent, and absolute." We must remain firm and absolute in our resolve that no person, even our heroes, are above the laws of Liberia.

Dura Lex, Sed Lex "Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted." ~ Einstein

George K Fahnbulleh, Mesa AZ

Saturday, 9 July 2005

Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning Needed

To the Editor.

I would like to establish a Pizza and food delivery business in Liberia. I therefore would appeal to the new President Elect of Liberia to establish a Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, which would stop the eye sore in Monrovia. All houses should be properly addressed and labelled. This ministry should stop the indiscriminatory building of houses all over the place with no plans or layout.

Mr. B. Smithson

Wednesday, 6 July 2005


Dear Mr Editor,

The move by the international community to create the anti-corruption plan (LEGAP) is a step in the right direction.

I am sick of people believing that governance means a way to make a quick buck. This plean will limit those thieves and their cohorts from granting contracts,and stealing the peoples money.

Those mumbling about this excellent plan only wish to keep with the status quo and continue the cycle of looting the country's treasury.

I say keep on with the plan, and I thank the international community for their foresight.


Siakoh(Liberian currently residing in NJ, USA)

Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Liberian Currency

To the Editor.

When will the Liberian People change that currency which is vulnerable to counterfeit and go back to real currency?

Mr. B. Smithson

Monday, 3 July 2005


Dear Editor,

I have been following the news on the African debt forgiveness hoopla. As an African I am very offended that these people are using Africa to acheive their own greedy ends. They prop up corrupt governments and also take their "cut". It is like a revolving door. They keep those governments in power, so that they can keep Africa open to corruption within and without.

We are in serious trouble!

Miatta Jones, Milwaukee, USA

Tue, 21 Jun 2005

RESPONSE TO Mr. Varney Sherman's Lawsuit

Dear Editor,

I just wish to express my complete dissatisfaction regarding the political grandstanding by Mr. Sherman and his LAP followers. After reading his complaint levied against the other political parties, it was so baseless that many political pendants, and Legal Scholars in and outside of Liberia are wondering as to whether this so call American trained Lawyer is mentally sane.
He knows that he has been exposed for his real self and is seriously loosing grounds and respect, but like a drowning man, he wants to hold on to this law suit like a razor blade in order for him to deflect the bullets that are coming his way.
Why is he disrespecting Mr. Weah? In his Legal Brief, he addressed all of the accused with their titles, but went on to ref fer to Mr. Weah as Just " George Oppong Weah". Please give this man some respect OK?
Rolando Sumo

Fri, 17 Jun 2005

Soldiers in Liberia Protest Over Pay

Dear Editor:

I am very concerned about the comment below made by the Minister of Defense.  These soldiers work for him and he should petition the Minister of Finance to get pay for his soldiers.  How can he deny this responsibility?  If Minister Chea fights for their pay, then the soldiers will fight for their country.  They have a right to protest for injustice, because they have Liberian citizenship and they have families to take care of.

[Defence Minister Daniel Chea, who held talks with army officers and U.N. peacekeepers at the ministry, told Reuters he would not negotiate with the protesters.  "I am not the minister of finance ... our soldiers, they need to be law abiding and responsible," he said. "I am not going to negotiate with them."] Wed June 15, 2005 8:34 AM GMT+02:00 By Alphonso Toweh

I am a US citizen, but I am of the Kru people of Liberia and I want to help Liberia rebuild in any way I can.  For now, I offer my sincere comment.

John B. Smith

An African American

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