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Lone star at crossroads..!
Solomon Myers (December 2003)

While I applaud the efforts of peace loving countries and institutions that have come to Liberia's financial aid; and have, without hesitation actively began the long winding road of rebuilding Liberia, I would like to emphasize that the monies being contributed and donated to Liberia should be monitored.

In the past two decades, funds have been siphoned into the pockets of undeserving individuals as opposed to towards the development of Liberia. This has served as a severe detriment to Liberia and Liberians.

Liberia has spiraled into decay with virtually no infrastructural development and no long term or short term planning put in place. Liberia has retrogressed to the state of nature.

The US dollar was used in Liberia for many years; however, during Samuel Doe's era he unilaterally switched to a local Liberian currency. This led to the eventual loss in purchasing power of the Liberian currency. Charles Taylor used this currency issue to drum up support, when he stated that he would reinstate the US dollars.

During the beginnings of the Liberian civil war, the US dollar was used in the regions controlled by Charles Taylor. This attracted more supporters to Charles Taylor.

Charles Taylor fought his way into the executive mansion in Monrovia; however, he did not pull through on his promise to reinstate the US dollar. This contributed to Liberia's eventual quagmire.

This is a time for all well meaning members of the international community to support and watch with close scrutiny the rebuilding of Liberia, and the role countries like Guinea played in fuelling the Liberian war.

It is disheartening to see the United Nations allow Guinea to sit as a member of the Security Council, despite the reports which indicate that Guinea was deeply involved in smuggling arms into Liberia. This atrocious act fuelled the war in Liberia, and led to the indiscriminate death of thousands of innocent Liberian civilians.

From where I sit….


Solomon Myers hails from Buchanan, Liberia. He is a Political Scientist/Historian, currently based in Ottawa, Canada.

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