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Solomon Myers hails from Buchanan, Liberia. He is a Political Scientist/Historian, currently based in Ottawa, Canada.


Liberians Deserve Better

"...One does not have to be a political genius to figure out that Liberia is headed towards chaos. In a small nation like Liberia, which just emerged from years of civil war, it is difficult to fathom why there would 36 political parties; in spite of calls for unity...." more>>>

Policing a high risk Society like Liberia

Liberia has now gained notoriety as a destabilizer of the West African region, a renegade nation and a failed state, which harbors terrorists. Liberia must rise from its decay and become part of the global solution, as opposed to being part of the global problem. Liberia must not add to the problems in West Africa. Liberia should stand as a nation of liberty and justice for all Africans. more>>>

On the Run...Again!

There was once a rich and successful poultry farmer, who was planning to embark on a trip. He needed a caretaker for his poultry farm, and eventually found a temporary and reliable replacement during his absence.

The farmer also had two house-helps. One was blind and the other was deaf. Apart from their respective visual and auditory disabilities, they were otherwise very capable.

Once the poultry farmer had found a temporary caretaker for his poultry farm, he embarked on his trip. Upon his return he called upon the caretaker to complete a comprehensive inventory of his farm. more>>>

Liberia’s Struggle for Democracy on all Fronts.

Developed nations must not downplay conflicts in developing nations. Conflicts in totalitarian nations are particularly dangerous; regardless if the threat is a direct or an indirect threat against developed nations.

Human “vultures” feed on conflicts and these conflicts eventually effect us all, because they pump the blood line for greater conflicts that eventually point direct arrows towards other nations.

In our very interconnected world, the United States must do everything in its might to promote democracy globally; because, it epitomizes what a democracy can offer its citizens. The US must desist from conducting business with totalitarian states, regardless if the nation in question poses a strategic interest to the US or not. Just as communism and nazism were defeated; so must all forms of totalitarianism be eradicated. For nations struggling with democracy to thrive, they must be supported by developed nations. more>>>

The color of democracy

In the absence of democracy, totalitarianism is born. Totalitarianism takes away the natural gift of humans; molds them and contains them.

As Liberians struggle for democracy, some individuals within the state think that power belongs to them; and that they are above the laws of the nation. They feel they have international influence, and that this clout can be used to their own ends. Former US president Abraham Lincoln, emphasized that such individuals were "..worse than traitors in arms".

The vicious cycle of manipulative and “talking-head” politicians seeking self interest; as opposed to the interest of Liberians, led Liberia into its current “failed” state status, and will eventually lead Liberia into further chaos. Liberians should not be turned into preys for human “vultures” in search for their personal lifetime gold medals.more>>>>

A wake up call to the White House.

Political thought informs us that the fundamental goal of a society should be to ensure its own preservation. Without the state striving to ensure its survival and the survival of its peoples; the rationale behind the formation of the state or society should be called to question.

John Locke, for example, emphasized that people in the state of nature came together to form a mutual protection pact of sorts. This group, as a whole, then became obligated to protect each member of the group from external harm. Hence, without the group seeking to protect everyone, the group breaks its contractual obligation to that individual and, thus, becomes illegitimate. more>>>>

Lone-star at cross roads (II)

From 1878 up until the coup d'etat of 1980, Liberia was essentially a one party state. Today Liberia has a whopping sixteen political parties.

Liberia's one party state system created resentment and animosity among the electorate; however, the current presidential race, appears to be a chaotic Olympic race, where individuals are attempting to run for their personal gold medals.

This is alarming because, a presidential race should not be a race for individual benefit, but should be a race for the betterment of a nation and its peoples. Diverse minds should integrate to build two solid political parties, with the interest of Liberia and Liberians as a focus. more..>>>>


U.S takes a new approach towards Liberia.

The new approach by the United States; to not only dole out money to Liberian officials, but to also monitor and demand responsible governance and accountability in Liberia is indeed commendable.

The statement by the United States Ambassador to Liberia John W. Blaney, in response to the mounting complaints of corruption of the Transitional Government, is a step in the right direction.

Blaney emphasized that "...if the US concludes that an individual is corrupt, or is undermining U.S. assistance goals, or is extorting US businesses, he and his family will not be going to the United States for any reason." and that those "..who steal from public coffers or use their positions to extort, not only should, but must be fired" is extremely positive news for Liberia. more..>>>>


Taking a second look at America’s Economic Policy towards Liberia.

History has shown that Liberian leaders have failed in developing and maintaining infrastructure in Liberia. It is therefore essential that America, take a second look at their economic policy towards Liberia at this crucial point.

In 2003 the Liberian public marched on the streets of Liberia calling on America to get them out of the quagmire they were in. Fortunately through arrangements made and the involvement of the world community, the brutal gangsters who held the realms of power in Liberia were dethroned.

In light of the new monies raised to assist Liberia in recovering from the devastation caused by over a decade of strife, it is imperative that America step in and set up teams to oversee the development of infrastructure in Liberia.

In the past, the U.S. government provided some $500 million to the Doe administration from 1981 to 1985. The money pumped to Doe without any monitoring, was siphoned and used for personal shopping sprees. Doe, obviously allergic to all the money he was receiving, engaged in no infrastructural development. He became power drunk and murdered Liberians at whim. more>>>>


Through the years, Liberian leaders have denied reality and have embraced the politics of propaganda via Guinean voodoo. The thought of Liberians leaders have been overpowered by forces of irrationality.

In Liberia, Guinea has the notoriety of having the most potent voodoo priests and voodoo concoctions in the immediate region.

This notoriety has given Guineans open access into the halls of power in Liberia. Liberian leaders have irrationally embraced these voodoo priests in order to portray an image of invincibility and “iron clad” power among Liberian citizenry.

William R. Tolbert expressed in public that he had a voodoo stick from Guinea which could make him disappear. He carried this stick wherever he went. Tolbert felt this stick made him invincible, hence he could act irrationally towards the Liberian people without consequence. more >>>


According to the Accra Peace Agreements signed on 18th August, 2003, the road to peace in Liberia is through appeasement. However, world history has shown time and time again that appeasement is not only dangerous, but in most cases futile. It does not offer benefit to the appeasers; but it whets the appetite of the appeased and fuels a volatile conflict.

In the words of Mr. Sceizo (the African Director for the Italian-based Catholic organization, Community Saint Egidio), lasting peace in Liberia can only be achieved through the August 18th 2003 agreement. more >>>


Lone star at crossroads..!

While I applaud the efforts of peace loving countries and institutions that have come to Liberia's financial aid; and have, without hesitation actively began the long winding road of rebuilding Liberia, I would like to emphasize that the monies being contributed and donated to Liberia should be monitored.

In the past two decades, funds have been siphoned into the pockets of undeserving individuals as opposed to towards the development of Liberia. This has served as a severe detriment to Liberia and Liberians.

Liberia has spiraled into decay with virtually no infrastructural development and no long term or short term planning put in place. Liberia has retrogressed to the state of nature.

The US dollar was used in Liberia for many years; however, during Samuel Doe's era he unilaterally switched to a local Liberian currency. This led to the eventual loss in purchasing power of the Liberian currency. Charles Taylor used this currency issue to drum up support, when he stated that he would reinstate the US dollars. more...>>>>


In order to build the bridge to a truly peaceful Liberia, it is essential that America plays the leading role in effectively getting all hands on deck.
During the recent uprising in Zimbabwe, the British Government stood by Zimbabweans and the American ambassador was in court standing side-by-side in support of the opposition leader.
Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, is named after former American President, James Monroe. James Monroe introduced the Monroe doctrine and was one of the founders of Liberia.
In this crisis, America has not been there for Liberia, notwithstanding the historical ties Liberia has with America. Why has America put Liberia in the back burner for all these years? Why has America left Liberia to spiral into such dire straits? more...>>>>


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