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February 14 2005


9409 Fern Hollow Way

Montgomery Village, Maryland20886

Tel: 202-359-6535 Fax: 301-670-1937 Email:


Press Release

February 14, 2005 , College Park , MD - The empowerment of women as equal contributors in the rebuilding of Liberia was highlighted over the weekend by aspiring Liberian First Lady Mrs. Estelle Brumskine, spouse of one of Liberia ’s leading presidential contenders, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine.

Mrs. Brumskine’s comments were made in a speech delivered Saturday at a cocktail reception marking her return from a highly publicized visit to Liberia . The event which was held at the College Park Hampton near Washington DC , featured diverse visual displays of Brumskine’s 3 year odyssey in quest for change in Liberia , as well as the noted appearances of several Liberian women of fame including a splendid performance by the celebrated musical vocalist, Caroline Nelson Bernard.

Speaking to hundreds of supporters and international guests at a cocktail reception sponsored by the Women of Brumskine, an auxiliary support group of the powerful Friends of Brumskine (FOB) USA network, Mrs. Brumskine noted the many contributions of Liberian women in history and the great qualities held by the women of the day. She made specific reference to the impressive show of organization brought forth through the instrumentality of women in her husband’s bid.

An accomplished professional, seasoned with high academic and managerial achievements, Mrs. Brumskine noted that the complexity of the great task of nation building requires the combination of talents and skills not just from the leader but also from “the partner” who stands by his or her side as a daily advisor. She described the strong support she continues to receive from her spouse in all of her endeavors as an attribute which depicts his lifelong faith in the ability and progress of women in Liberia .

“What Liberia truly needs after decades of destruction”, she said, is “a leader with conscience and conviction who fears the Lord and is willing to do His will”. The aspiring First Lady lauded her husband as a man of God who sees his mission not in the context of political aspiration, but rather as a duty to give the best of his service for the uplifting of mankind. She mentioned his many contributions to the needs of the less fortunate in Liberia dating many years prior to his entry in politics including scholarships to hundreds of Liberians, support for schools, hospitals, roads and market opportunities for small traders.

Mrs. Brumskine who recently returned from a public visit to Liberia observed that she was greatly pleased with the tremendous support received by her husband from Liberians not only in Monrovia , but throughout the interior regions of Liberia , because of his tenacious will to identify with the suffering of the downtrodden populace. “This courage to champion the cause of his people, despite prevailing danger on several occasions past and present, speaks volumes of his calling which will be made manifest after he is inaugurated in January 2006”, she averred.

She called on all Liberians regardless of political, social or ethnic affiliation to join in a campaign to alleviate the suffering of the ordinary Liberian and watch out for those who continue to rest their prosperity on the backs of impoverished citizens.




FOB - Washington , D.C

Carlton S. Miller


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