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Wolves in Sheep Clothing, Charles Taylor May Confess Names, Governments

By Thomas Kai Toteh ~ April 10 2006

God has not stopped revealing to me about the mystery surrounding Charles Taylor’s escape from jai and his subsequent exit from the Great United States of America. From time to time, it bothers me when I listen to the world and the people of Liberia talk about his atrocities in Sierra Leone and Liberia without making observation about his mysterious disappearance from America.

Though every individual is responsible for his or her action, it is a clear phenomenon that an individual is never alone in the commission of a crime-their must be a conspiracy. The arrest and trial of Charles Taylor seem to alleviate the sufferings of the Liberian people, but better to include in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a consummate inquiry into both internal and outside factors of the incursion in 1989 (the way to a complete end to conspiracy theory in Liberia).

My curiosity into Charles Taylor’s Mysterious disappearance from America led to a book, “America Runaway Prisoner” that will be published soon. For me and some poor and voiceless Liberians as well as all rational and peace loving people of the world, it never a justice to the thousands of amputees, those who went to their earlier graves and (babies and pregnant women), when some facts that would help guide Liberians against the recurrence of this somewhat unforgettable story of the civil war are not revealed.
The general motto of the Liberian Press during tyrannical regimes reads: “We shall write the truth even when bullets are to our heads,” so as me.

If the members or Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission do not include this issue in their deliberations, they may not only regret it, but the posterity will judge them for concealing the truth. Charles Taylor’s trial has just started, but revelations are coming out about his conspirators.

Associated Press reporter, Michelle Faul in Kenema, Sierra Leone reported on Saturday, April 8, that Charles Taylor frustrated of being neglected by his allies who continued pressure for is turnover to the UN war crime tribunal, is set to call names and governments. The Associated Press report was made from a telephone interview with Jewel Taylor from Monrovia.

About the author:

Thomas Kai Toteh is a free lance journalist and author of African Child: From Wizard to Refugee. He is journalism major and minor in creative writing at the Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Prior to the civil war in, Toteh was a student activist in Liberia. He can be contacted at




About the Author:

Thomas Kai Toteh is an author and freelance writer. He is a  Journalism major at Old Dominnion University, USA



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