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Civil War, Greed Cloud Liberians' Minds?

Thomas Kai Toteh USA (February 20 2006)

"...Oops! Are we starting hit and run government again? Is it clemency type government?  5% of government employees have not received their pays, yet we want a decent looking city. The typical Liberians say, “Clothes not fine on an empty stomach.”...."

Fourteen years of civil leaves the country not only devastated, but greatly affects the human resources as well. When uneducated and half-educated young Liberians cast their doubt about the soundness of the educated people, they were seen as people without sound judgments and reasoning, or otherwise ignorant.

But when one looks critically at the behavior, actions, and utterances of the educated people, you could sense some truths in the assertion of the so-called half-uneducated, uneducated, and ignorant people. During the campaign season, those boys were chanting, “You say you are educated you spoiled your country.” Yes, we did condemn them, but can’t we see the justification in their contention?

We witnessed the bunch of educated people that were pushing George Weah to head the nation. A man who cannot even express himself grammatically and can’t construct a fitting letter was pushed to head one of the founding members of UN. Can not wee see the trauma?  Have not we convinced that our minds are somehow clouded by the civil war and greed?

First, I will begin by pointing out the utterances made during the incursion. The president, Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a sound economist backed Charles Taylor’s destructive onslaught and demolition of infrastructures including the Executive Mansion where she is today as her office. She said, “Level the city, and we shall re-build it.” She later denied it during the campaign season, but rather said “Level the Executive” Mansion.” 

If a psychiatrist compels the two statements, plus the act on the part of an economist to want to level infrastructure, then the question will rise, “Is this person alright? Is he or she thinking right?”  International press including those in the USA described the inauguration hall, the Capitol Building, “a makeshift.” This proves the point that there are some truths in the assertion that something mentally is wrong with the educated people. A man who has no source of income tells his son to rift off their only roof is a complete insanity.

What on earth, a president of a sovereign nation would seek foreign military personnel to head the nation’s most powerful and sensitive arm of government? Oop! It sounds scary. This is a form of betrayal and is treasonable.

Let us look at another contradiction here. Reconciliation! All along we have been preaching reconciliation, but our trauma is more or less impeding our understanding of the word “Reconciliation.” Look in the House of Representatives. I don’t really know the exact number of former warlords and their supporters, and sympathizers, but I do know there are bunch of them. Ok, that atmosphere is well for reconciliation. But it is sick, traumatic and unreconciliatory when these representatives will question designees, not on academic qualification and experience, but go back to 14 years of civil war records. This is contradictory, when the chief executive during the election campaign admitted being supportive of the carnage.

Look! Look at the lawsuit President Sirleaf filed against Thomas Woewiyu for propaganda speech. The elections are over. Speeches made and propaganda launched should be disregarded now for reconciliation. As a matter of fact, the president admitted she was a supporter of NNPFL. These are some of the contradictions and traumas. You see the point those so-uneducated people were making? Thomas Woewiyu himself is a warlord, yet he’s pointing finger at the president as being a sponsor of the civil. What a big confusion? Why do we speak of reconciliation, then?

How many Liberians are directly and indirectly not partakers of the civil war?   

Reconciliation as it is defined by Webster, cannot achieve its meanings without understanding these words and phrases: Settlement, Squaring off, Resolve, Compromise, Reunion, and Bring together. Look! Look at the foiled demolition exercise. Why in a rush to remove marketers from the streets?

Without setting up a committee to work out feasibility study for the relocation of the marketers whose sole incomes are their street markets, a demolition exercise abruptly kicked off.  The people resisted and the city backed-off through the intervention of the president. Oops! Are we starting hit and run government again? Is it clemency type government? 5% of government employees have not received their pays, yet we want a decent looking city. The typical Liberians say, “”Clothes not fine on an empty stomach.”

Look! Look at all those progressives including the incumbent president. They sat there all these years from the incursion to present without saying a word to the US government concerning how Charles Taylor left the United States. It does not matter in as much the eagle will fly to them in the trillions. Or they can not challenge the US government because they are accomplices in the event. But the fact remains that the common and uneducated ones do see these shortcomings and weaknesses.

So when the uneducated ones point out these weaknesses in our faces, we pretend we know all and that they are the foolish and ignorant. However, it is not yet too late. If we want the children of Liberia, our successors to be sound and responsible citizens, then it is necessary at this time to begin to rehabilitate our minds. We must begin to get close to God, the giver of wisdom so that He can refine our thoughts, dealings, and manifestation.

About the Author:

Thomas Kai Toteh is an author and freelance writer. He is a  Journalism major at Old Dominnion University, USA



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