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Watch Out Liberians!

BY: Thomas Kai Toteh USA (February 14 2006)


Watch out Liberians Watch out!

Be on the careful watch for wolves in sheep clothing.

I say watch out!

Not for local gobachevs I say be on the look for the invisible hands, the magic hands.

The hands that stretch to give and the same hands that demandeth with violent orchestration.

Watch out for them!

They are coming again.

In their hands are billions for offer with conditions.

Watch out for them!

They creep and creep and creep looking for the loophole

Soon they will say “Stop China or else”

Soon they will say “Stop Russia or else”

Soon they will say “Stop Libya or else”

I say watch out Liberians!

Watch out for those gifts.

Watch out for those big Hugs

I say watch for those toothpaste smiles.

Watch out Liberians!

For they are coming again With the trillions

Watch out!

Or soon you will be enticed to sit and wait for budget

Support Budget support Comes with “Do it or move or be bloodily removed"

Ration, ration or humanitarian support will come again.

Handouts would be your only source of livelihood if you don’t watch for them.


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