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Liberia, My Mother's Land !

By: Ernest G.Smith, Jr.

To you my beloveth Mother's Land do I pledge my
Full allegiance.

Hundreds are the nations of
Planet earth, but you are the only land of
My birth and pride.

Out of the quest of freedom were you concieved.
No wonder the meaning of your name is freedom.
I do daily bless the name of my mother Sarah for
Giving birth to me within your friendly borders.

Oh Mama Liberia how are you faring nowadays?

My tender heart pants whenever I imagine the
Terrible destructions you suffered at the hand
Of few selfish blood thirsted men.

I have resolved to not wet my cheeks for you
Because I am convicted that your Lone Star will
Once again glitter and soar higher amongst
Nations of the world.

Though away from home, yet I do still sing your
Famous All Hail Liberia Hail.

Celebrate Mama LIBERIA even as you clock
Another year. Oh happy day Mama Liberia.

Mr. Ernest G. Smith, Jr. is President and Coordinator of the Bassa Descendents in Nigeria (BADIN); Public Relations Officer of the Liberian Refugee Welfare Council (LRWC), Nigeria; Financial Secretary of the Association of Liberian students in Nigeria (ALSIN); Secretary General, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Oru International Refugee Camp, Nigeria and the President of the Association of Liberian Religious Studies Students at the West African Christian University, Sango-Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. Mr. Smith can be reached by Email at:

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