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SOS to Liberians

Movement for the Restoration of the Dignity of Liberia (MRDL)

"...Fellow citizens, educated and financially strong Liberians and friends of Liberia are on the standby to go into Liberia to carry out massive investments. We have to contribute our quota. The ball is in our court: if we make wise decision, Liberia will boom within a short time and surpass the economy of most country in the sub-region....”

To: Liberians and sympathizers of the Liberian situation

Subject: Your contributions in making the right choice for Liberia in the October general elections

Dear Liberians and Sympathizers of the Liberian situation:

On the 24 th of December 1989 , our beloved nation plunged into an unprecedented senseless, destructive and bloody civil war that took the lives of thousands of our compatriots. This carnage has impoverished the country and its inhabitants such that the children of Liberia are dispersed all around the world fending for themselves in any way possible. Our sisters have long been denied of their women’s dignities in many cases by either being raped or obliged to trade sex for food, or found in situations where they resulted into prostitution.

Our desperately hungry brothers and sisters have been led into stealing or getting into ‘money doubling’, in most cases resulting into premature deaths.

In short, this situation has dishonored Liberia and Liberians; a people once respected in Africa and the world at large, the first black nation to have gotten its independence in 1847 and which greatly helped other nations obtained their independence, a nation that was among the nations of goodwill in helping other nations undergoing political or natural disasters.

The October general elections open an opportunity and give Liberians a chance to rebuild their lives and feel like the supreme beings that God created to inhabit this beautiful world. This is an opportunity for Liberians to once again hope and make plans and think about having children and love ones.

But it pains the MRDL greatly to notice that the number of presidential candidates in Liberia is more than the number of counties in Liberia .

It pains us to see people becoming presidential candidates because they have money or they are educated.

It pains us to see some Liberians still judging candidates on tribal line or on their riches.

It pains us to see people in the presidential race who have no qualifications in the fields of diplomacy, administration, and financial management. It pains us to hear Liberians saying that we do not need “Socrates’ but the person who can do the thing (who can do what thing and where in this world do we have a Churchill now?).

It pains us to hear Liberian presidential aspirants saying that if they win, they are going to import brains (From where? Is such person a patriot and should he be vying for the post of president?).

For these painful reasons above and some unvoiced ones, we are calling on you fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia to help reach out to as many Liberians as you can in Liberia to tell them to make a good choice. No matter where you may be, take the phone or go on the web to explain to our compatriots to make wise decisions concerning Liberia .

Tell them to make their choice base on experience and credibility, on qualifications and patriotism and on the platform of the candidate after these many years of auto-destruction.

Tell them to never look at the ‘papay’ this time because he knows how to dress or his convoy.

It is high time Liberians abandoned such judgments and forge ahead to compete in developmental challenges of our human resources, infrastructure and new technology.

It is high time Liberians stopped surviving and begin to live confidently in this world that our Heavenly Father has provided for us.

This is the objective of the MRDL. We worked toward a five-months plan to sensitize the rest of Liberia before these general elections. Unfortunately, we could not get the help we solicited from people, friendly governments and organizations. However, we are continuing our struggle in every form and in any way to reach out to as many people as we can.

Fellow citizens, educated and financially strong Liberians and friends of Liberia are on the standby to go into Liberia to carry out massive investments. We have to contribute our quota. The ball is in our court: if we make wise decision, Liberia will boom within a short time and surpass the economy of most country in the sub-region. If we blunder, these are some of the drawbacks that we may experience:

  • If the country goes into the hands of an ex – rebel leader, sound investor will wait and see for simple reasons that are known to you and ourselves;
  • If the country is taken over by inept leaders who know nothing about administration and management, a serious businessman will not venture into Liberia to waste his money;
  • If an unqualified candidate wins, the IMF and the World Bank, inevitable partners of Liberia at this time and other friendly Governments will play the game of wait and see, which may last for years as we know it all. Note that these are credible international financial institutions that will not easily work with a government if it does not have transparent and viable projects of reconstruction;
  • If a candidate who intends to import brains wins, NEPAD, knowing its principles, will want to see some credibility before getting into action on behalf of Liberia .

The most important question we should ask ourselves is: Are Liberians willing to have another student president at this point in time in this competitive world of business and technology?

Let’s put behind us anything that has divided us thus far and make wise choice. Let’s learn from the past. Let’s begin to ask ourselves why Liberia went to war in the first place. Let’s not make such an error AGAIN.

Taking into consideration the position and role of our beloved patrimony, Liberia is far behind the rest of Africa in many ways. Our youth is practically illiterate as compare to even our neighbors.

The representation of Liberia on the outside is always a shame and an embarrassment. We have to make room to educate our children now and train some of us who are no longer in the position to enter the classroom to meet up with the challenges of this era. We are not just talking but we are also praying and asking Jesus to take over the country which was founded on his principles. We are fasting and praying. Join us to do likewise. If you decide on reaching out to any elector in Liberia , please pray and commit that person unto Jesus. When you do this, it is Jesus who is going to touch that person.

May the Almighty God forgive Liberians. May HE preserve Liberia , Africa and all Africans. May Africa and Africans come to realize that only ourselves can shape our destiny. May we learn to love and tolerate one another. May the Almighty God touch all Africans to stop betraying their own people to worldly powerful countries. May the African Union be a true reality of African renaissance and may it have long life. May God truly be worshipped in Africa . Amen. Petarus DOLO

Chairman - MRDL (Contact: (225) 07 74 61 79 )

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