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By Nvasekie N. Konneh (July 26th 2005)

Note from the author:

As we celebrate our nation's 158 years of existence, there are many dividing lines that we will have to overcome if we must be truly a united nation. One of those is the wording on our nation's seal, "The Love Of Liberty Brought Us Here." As has been noted over the years, it's not inclusive of our totality as a nation. Just like many Liberians, I have thought about this over the years and my suggestion is that instead of "The Love Of Liberty Brought Us Together," it should be "The Love Of Liberty Brought Us Together." I have written this poem with the same title, which I want to share with all Liberians on this year's anniversary of our existence. I wish you all peace and prosperity and God's blessing. Happy anniversary.



We are a nation

Of many cultures and traditions

That make us who we are,

A proud nation and people

For the love of liberty brought us together.


Yes, the love of liberty brought us together

The native sons and daughters

Our brothers and sisters who came

From across the ocean to join us

After many many years of separation

Together we make up this nation

Our destinies tied together as one people.


We are a coat of many colors,

Eighteen distinctive identities

All of which we must celebrate as a nation

If we must move forward to meet the challenges

That lie ahead after many years of setback,

We must now sing, the love of liberty brought us together.


We are traditional religious believers,

We are Moslems and Christians

We all have contributed to building this single house

That we must all share in peace and love

For the sake of our survival as a nation

Understanding that the love of liberty brought us together.


Oh yes, the love of liberty brought us together

Like a tree with many branches we are one

Celebrating our past and present as we approach the future

Committing ourselves to correcting what went wrong before

So that when days of peace, freedom and prosperity come

We can stand together and sing this song,

Let the love of liberty bring us together

About the author:

Nvasekie N. Konneh is a Liberian writer, and active duty personnel in the United States Navy. He’s currently assigned on board the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, an aircraft carrier based in Norfolk , Virginia . Nvasekie Konneh is the author of the book of poetry, “Going To War For America .” He’s working on his second book, “So Far Away On The Distant Sea .” He is also the Future Editor of the Limany Web Publication, . He can be reached at ; , or .

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