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By Socrates Kamara- (May 12th 2005)  

"...Even if we elect a president with “twenty ten PhDs” in Political Science, if those of us around the leader are just the same old same old, then that leader will fall face flat, and will fail miserably...."

My fellow Liberians, in my last letter, I decided to acquaint you with some facts that I have gathered during my month long investigation. I respect you people so much that whenever I come out here and write a letter, it is just the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I am saying this because you have been lied to, robbed, snubbed, abused, and misused by the very people that you once loved and admired, and appointed to lead you. It always breaks my heart, and I do weep for you as I see you all go through this again and again, and for some reason I just cannot tell you as to when it will all come to pass.

Let me start with the James Yarclay LTC fiasco. When the Liberian Observer and several Other News Papers broke this story several months ago, I immediately warned the Liberian People and specifically the NTGL Chairman Mr. Bryant about this very Dangerous Criminal called James Yarclay. I am very glad and whole heartedly support Chairman Bryant for this decision to redo the entire bidding process. Can you imagine that James Yarclay (if that is his real name since every thing that we know of him is fake) having the guts to range insults at the Liberian Leader, because he was disappointed by the result? What is this world coming to my Liberian people? Let me just quote him from his May 5 th Liberian Observer interview “It’s a shame to Gyude Bryant himself. He has no integrity. He has never made any good decision and this is the wrong one. I am ashamed as a Liberian to sit here today to have heard that decision”.

Let just take a minute here to dissect this statement from Mr. Yarclay.

1-First of all it is Mr. Bryant who should be ashamed of even knowing, or meeting a Master Criminal like you, and not the other way around.

2- You said that Mr. Bryant has no integrity, when every thing about you is false. You stole and falsified the very document that you tendered in your bid; you lied about the Bank that was supposed to finance your project. You lied about your alleged properties in Paris Texas, and your licensed to operate this business with the FAA in the United States. You just went on lying and having a field day with it because you taught that our Liberian people were still in the dark ages and any fake document that you bring from the U.S. will pass the test.

3- You mentioned that you were ashamed as a Liberian because the right decision from Mr. Bryant went against you. Well your highness King James Yarclay, all of us Liberians are ashamed, and embarrassed because of your crooked ways. Mr. Bryant was just encouraging you and giving you the benefit of the doubt, because he too is a businessman and wanted to give a fellow Liberian in the Diaspora a brake to help his country. When he finally found out about how evil and foolish you were, he dumped you like a bad habit just to salvage what is left of his integrity.

How dear you to threaten the Liberian Government with a Law Suit because you got turned down on this LTC deal because of your own stupidity. You must have some serious guts in you my brother. I know very well that there are lots of very broke Lawyers out there in Monrovia who will listen to you and encourage your craziness, and you will get them for dime a dozen. This madness of yours must definitely come to an end so that our Government and people can focus on better things. I am hereby requesting that the NTGL under the leadership of Mr. Bryant turn you over to the National Security Agency for all of your fraudulent activities relating to this LTC bid, and subsequently turn you over to the FBI here in the U.S. that is eagerly waiting to lock your Criminal self behind bars. I know very well that you have bribed your way around town including some of the NTGL leaders, but the honeymoon is now over. You have embarrassed every one more than they can handle, and tolerate from you, and you just have to go.

Going back to where I concluded in my last letter to you My Liberian people, I am definitely not a George Weah supporter, but Mrs. Morris and her Election Commissioners must be very embarrassed as to how they are setting double and triple standards just to prevent this young man from registering his Political Party. Mrs. Chairman, this is directly for you and your commissioners, regardless of what you do and what ever stunts that you guys are pulling to slow down Mr. Weah, the inevitable will happen. He will win this election with a LANDSLIDE margin. The young people and the New Liberia, have now come together, and have seen the vision. They have joined the train for success and progress. It has taken off, and there is absolutely nothing you all can do to stop it. Let me let you in on a big secret with these young people that you don’t seem to know: YOU CND HINDER THEIR PROGRESS BUT YOU CANNOT, AND WILL NEVER UTTER THEIR DESTINY.

If GOD Almighty ordains these young people to take up leadership and fix up this country that we the old folks have destroyed and left in ruins, you better move aside and let his will be done.

You should be ashamed of yourselves in this Election Commission. You all could find time to hastily register Thieves, Murders and Human Rights Criminals like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but at the same time you are creating obstacles for one of the most patriotic Liberians that ever live call George M. Weah (what a shame!) in order for him to stumble through the process.

I just recently went through an article in the Liberian Observer by one Christian Tamba Wandalachi Pawa, a Liberian Refugee, in Bergen Norway, entitled "Why go to School when an 11 th Grader can become President of Liberia?" In your article, you were referring to Mr. Weah who is seeking the Presidency of the Republic of Liberia .Please take this as an advice from me Christian, and other fellow Liberians out there, do not always use the level of a man’s education as a bench mark for his/her leadership quality. Several News articles have been written by this same news paper addressing this situation. Liberia as we all know is 157years old as a nation, It has been governed by countless numbers of Super Educated People, and Technocrats. Today we are lagging so far behind other developing nations that the International Community is yet to find a classification for us. The Late Samuel Doe was not even up to half that level of education when he took over power, but if you look at his legacy, the only Liberian leader that I can compare him with, is the Late William R. Tolbert. I can go on and on listing the names of Liberian Leaders, including University Professors, who messed up our country and looted every thing that moved. First of all why worry about the leader when we as citizens are making no efforts whatsoever to change or improve our lives.

Even if we elect a president with “twenty ten PhDs” in Political Science, if those of us around the leader are just "the same old same old", then that leader will fall face flat, and will fail miserably. May be you are not old enough to remember, Doe had a bunch of Doctorate Degree holders working for him during the initial stage of his government. These folks messed up so bad, all they did was talked big, big book, and quoting Shakespeare, and Socrates. The next thing that happened was that the economy which they inherited that was the best in Africa went to the drain and Doe was forced to fire them. I consider myself highly educated, but compared to the leadership that Doe acquired wile in office, and that of George Weah, I am nothing. So my dear, I am advising you to go to school. Get all the Education you can get right now, either academic or technical, any one will do for what GOD destines for you. Please remember that Moses, David, Elijah, and Jesus did not have a PhD to lead their people, and do what God wanted for them to do. Bill Gates and Michael Dell are college dropouts, today the control the world Technology, and Economy. Just take a very close look at all the candidates for the president of Liberia.

Have you seen how many of them have PhDs and Law Degrees? If these selfish vampires are not wicked, then they must have some serious Mental Problems. To see themselves in an election where there are more candidates than Registered Voters. Some of these guys are in such a bad shape that even their mamas and their children will not vote for them. Some of them know very well that they are not presidential material, and are just in the race because either they just took a loan, or have just gotten their tax return from Uncle Sam. So they are in the race just as an investment to get a Cabinet position after the election, and hope to start the chopping as they did with Doe and Taylor. We are all too familiar with this scam. Is this not an indication that Liberia and Liberians are taking this democracy thing like a big joke?

No wonder why the International Community and other Outsiders come to Liberia and play “Buffet Ground Hold It” on us, because that is all our politicians are good for.


About the Author

Socrates Kamara resides in Texas, USA.

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