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By Socrates Kamara- (May 12th 2005)  

"...This is exactly what we get for destroying our country. The Lesson is that no individual, groups, or institutions out there will do more than what we can do for ourselves. Do you know that majority of the money pledged for Liberia’s reconstruction actually went to the same American and European Companies that are yet to show up in Liberia and even scratch the ground?..."

Hear ye O fellow Liberians, this is Socrates Kamara, the lone voice crying in the wilderness reminding the Liberian people not to forget the past and look ever more vigilantly to the future with the eyes of an eagle. If you all can remember I was the person who exposed the scheme that Fairy Godmother Ellen Sirleaf, Varney Sherman, and Interim Transitional Leader Chairman Gyude Bryant put together in order to win this election and at the same time rub our dear Country blind. As you all have seen or heard, Mrs. Sirleaf in crocodile tears, shamefully admitted to just a tiny piece of the story that she helped Taylor to destroy Liberia. This was all due to the mounting pressure by us Liberians here in the United States demanding an apology and requesting that this murderer with her blood stained hands withdraw from the presidential race with immediate effect.  

What is so interesting is that Mrs. Sirleaf spent a whole month in the United States going from coast to coast addressing some very disillusioned and frustrated Liberians (whom she claimed to be her supporters) who will stoop low enough to even support Osama Bin Laden if he today declares his candidacy in the Liberian Presidential race. Are we surprised to see Liberians in the United States behave this way, instead of demanding that Ellen faces justice for crimes against humanity, I guess not? Please remember that these were the same Sycophant Liberians that used to support Doe and later switched to the Devil called Charles Taylor. To shame these so called enlightened Liberians in the United States , It took the might of a very courageous young man by the name of Boakai Jaleiba Jr. who is the President of the A.M.E.U. Student Union, to demand reparation from Mrs. Sirleaf as reported in the May 5 th edition of the Monrovia News. May GOD Almighty bless this young man?. Your courage and love for this glorious land will one day take you to higher places. During the one month that Mrs. Sirleaf spent here in the United States , she met with the high and mighty in the Democratic Party, including former UNSAID Director Bryan Atwood, and the 2008 Presidential Contender Hilary Clinton. I am very happy that Mrs. Sirleaf went to school and can rub shoulders with these BIG GUNS, congratulations and good for you Madam Sirleaf. It clearly shows that when it comes to outside influence, you have more connections than an AT& T Wireless Phone. But you only use it for you own selfish gains. Only for you political Campaign, and not to get humanitarian help for our starving, and dying children back home, who need food, pencils and copybook to go to school. Unfortunately, my fellow Liberians, a lot of us are very disturbed by these situations, and we do have some questions that need to be answered.

If Mrs. Sirleaf knew all of these influential why she did not use them to end the plight of the Liberian people. Where were These BIG GUNS in the National Democratic Party during the eight years they were in office the same time Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, and hundreds of thousands of West Africans were being slaughtered by Charles Taylor?

We all know the answer to these questions. Mrs. Sirleaf was too busy using her connections to gain support for Charles Taylor, and even paving the way for a bunch of them including the Rev. Jessie Jackson to do direct business with Mr. Taylor with our blood Diamonds. When you just read the news articles from the United States these past month about all the support that these democrats were showering on this wicked and selfish woman, you will wonder as to whether Ellen Sirleaf was running for a very important U.S. Senatorial Seat in a Key Battleground State . Not a single Democrat dared to question her about her War Crimes against the Liberian people. This is just to tell you that these folks care very little about you. If you disillusioned Liberians think that if Ellen Sirleaf wins this election in October, and the Democrat by some chance happen to win the 2008 election then Liberia ’s problems will be solved, you must be joking. Just ask yourself these simple questions. Who killed Tolbert and his Ministers? Who kill Doe and all of his 15 members in the P.R.C.? Who created Taylor and why is he still around living more luxuriously than ever in Nigeria ? Where is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf getting her campaign financing Money? Why is this wicked woman trying to use rice as an issue to gain votes?

I am not a George Weah supporter, but why is this Election Commissioner Frances Morris, who is a big time LAP supporter, and once worked under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and moreover connected to Mr. Gyude Bryant, start causing trouble in order for his party to get registered? We all see the double and triple standards that you are setting. You bared Political candidates from campaigning here in the United States , but yet you allowed Ellen Bursuewh Sirleaf to come to America and campaigned from coast to coast and even sent shout out to homies like you back home on ELBC with her friend Hilary Clinton. What is exactly your problem? You and your commissioners are making the voters registration process very complicated so that only the supporters of certain groups will be able to register and vote, forgetting that our people lost every thing during the war now you asking for passport and birth certificates, eventually you will start asking for Social Security Card and Drivers Licensed.  


My Dear Liberians, sometimes when I get behind the computer, and start reporting and sharing these facts with you, believe it or not I am always in tears. I do weep for my one and only Liberia , just like how George Frederick Handel was weeping when he was composing the messiah. This Country is too dear and precious to me, to see her mistreated like this.

When we finally got the attention of the Bush Administration to get rid of Mr. Taylor, we immediately sent out a team of Liberians, and friends of Liberia to the Security Council of the United Nations, requesting that they set up an Interim Transitional Government or Care Taker Government for at least two years until tings are in place for a General Elections. We also recommended based on the mistake in Sierra Leone that the Care Taker Government be headed by a Special Representative from the Security Council, and a team of U.N. Staff from all its various Agencies to be assisted by very competent Liberian Technocrats. It was also recommended that Even the Election Commission that will oversee the electoral process and the smooth transition to a Democratic Government be made up of a special U.N. System personnel. All of these suggestions were ignored and the task was then passed on to the inept ECOWAS. They went on with the selection of this most ridiculous thing called an Interim Transitional Government that is composed of the same murderers, looters, thieves, and outlaws that had just terrorized the same Liberian People. So what do you get, and expect from a group of individuals like these? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, this is exactly why nobody can account for more than $ 350 M pledged to run the country. Everyone is now playing the blame game.  

We must remember the old adage, “ how you make you bed so shall you lie in it”. Today we see the same Mr. Vigilante Jacques Kline's unannounced, and sudden departure from Liberia . In the middle of a very important term, the only explanation we got is that Mr. Kline will be taking a professorship here in the U.S. So who is to give a complete account of the money? Maybe they will soon call on Al Qaeda to do that.

Liberia has not moved one step forward since Charles Taylor left. We still do not have any functional running water or Electricity, The Telecommunication system is still a big joke. The only thing that the U.N. has done so far is to create a screen saver of disarmament of the rebels. These are the same rebels that are the Ministers, and Managing Directors in the Interim Government. If the National Transitional, the United Nations and the International Community cannot account for the money pledged to reconstruct Liberia , then what do you expect for the direction in which we are heading.

This is exactly what we get for destroying our country. The Lesson is that no individual, groups, or institutions out there will do more than what we can do for ourselves. Do you know that majority of the money pledged for Liberia’s reconstruction actually went to the same American and European Companies that are yet to show up in Liberia and even scratch the ground? All they will do is set up dummy companies and corporations and bribe a bunch of individuals to make as if they are actually doing some work. This includes the U.N. top Personnel’s and their expatriates. We need to let Mr. Annan explain to the Liberian people as to what really happened to Mr. Kline.  

Are we surprise when we see the most Outlaw African of the 21 st Century Charles Taylor, defying the U.N. order to stay out of the affairs of Liberia, and even going to the extent of planning to overthrow the Guinean President while in exile and under U.N. sanction. It is so ridiculous to see the president of Nigeria , challenging the authority of the United Nations Security Council by saying that he will not turn over Mr. Taylor for him to stand trial for the most heinous crime ever committed to mankind. We all know that the United Nations is now a toothless bulldog, and is fighting to salvage its own credibility. We recently see all of the scandals that have plagued this once sacred institution. How are the mighty fallen? No one cares any more. Member nations are now treating the U.N. just like how African Leaders used to treat the O.A.U. (the good old boys club whose motto was to “agree to disagree, and promise to meet again, let us have a good time”).

We have seen of recent that even with mounting Congressional Pressure for Taylor, to face trial in Sierra Leone, George Bush is just not interested in applying pressure on President Obasanjo to release Mr. Taylor at all. This all just comes to one thing Bush, Taylor , and Obasanjo just know what they are up to and we better wise up. This is why for the whole month Ellen Sirleaf was here she refused to address this Taylor issue, because it will blow up in her face if Taylor faces the trial today.

May GOD bless us all.  


About the Author

Socrates Kamara resides in Texas, USA.

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