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By Socrates Kamara- April 5th 2005

.... My people just why? Why are we so wicked to this once Glorious Land of Liberty? What has Liberia done to us? I sometimes wonder what we plan to tell our children and our children’s children about what we have done to hurt Liberia...

This is an open letter to all my fellow Liberians.

It is very disturbing to read and listen to all of these allegations of fraud and corruption involving the National Transitional Government. What is even more disturbing is that the Chairman Mr. Gyude Bryant himself is the main character at the center of all of this mess, and having a field day with it with such a reckless attitude. This is supposed to be a transitional Administration that was chosen to be as clean as possible so that as we transitioned into a new chapter of our nation’s history, we will not be weighed down by these problems. But no, these wicked and selfish countrymen of ours, came in and brutalized, prostituted and raped this poor dying nation without the luxury of simple Vaseline.

Mr. Bryant was supposedly seen as an educated and exposed businessman, but he and his group have inflicted more serious injuries to Liberia in this very short period of time far more than Charles Taylor the Lucifer himself did in twelve years. These folks are doing things at such a reckless pace, you wonder if stealing is going out of style. We need to refer to Mr. Bryant and his team of bandits, as the NATIONAL TRANSITIONAL LOOTERS. My people just why? Why are we so wicked to this once Glorious Land of Liberty? What has Liberia done to us? I sometimes wonder what we plan to tell our children and our children’s children about what we have done to hurt Liberia. What is so interesting, is that, these things just don’t bother them at all, because they know that they will get away with it without any punitive measures, and some of us will line up to cheer them through all this. What a shame!

What we the Liberian people do not understand, is that this is an orchestrated act put together by Mr.Gyude Bryant, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Mr. Varney Sherman to “bomb rush” the upcoming presidential Election in October. This is the three prong approach that they strategize, 1- During the Accra Peace Accord, these three amigos lobbied to get Gyude Bryant to Chair the National Transitional Government because since he was the party head of LAP that will bare him from the presidential race. Knowing that he was not a presidential material, he gladly accepted. 2- Varney Sherman, who was Mr. Bryant Legal Adviser in Ghana, decided to step down from this position so that he will then run under the banner of LAP. 3- To spice the whole thing up Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was the front runner amongst all the candidates in Ghana to chair the National Transitional Government of Liberia, clandestinely yielded to Mr. Bryant, because as stipulated in the Peace Accord, the NTGL members were bared from contesting the Presidential Election. The next move is that she joined the Unity Party, and became the Standard Bearer, knowing fully well that she is the founder and brain behind the Liberian Action Party LAP. How very clever. I know that the Late Dr. Edward Kassely must be rolling in his grave very passed off about the whole thing.

Now how we surprise as to why Gyude Bryant appointed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to such a very strategic and eminent position to head the Commission that will check and balance the activities of Bryant and the Bandits sometimes nick named the National Transitional Government of Liberia.

Just in case you are still sleeping, or missing in action, the idea of all of these massive looting of our very meager resources by Mr. Bryant is to raise campaign funds for the other two branches of the prong, namely Ellen Sirleaf, and Varney Sherman.

So we now see the two main beneficiaries of all of these massive corruptions that befall Liberia today.


From the unset of the 1980 coup that usher in the Doe Government, and Ellen Sirleaf had to leave her office as the Minister of Finance under the Tolbert Government, she has become nothing but a very disgruntled old lady. She has done nothing good for Liberia all of these years in her exclusive position with the United Nations, but to undermine the progress and development of Liberia. This is a position that other nationals will capitalize on the opportunities regardless of how disenchanted they are with their native government, to lobby for developmental assistance for their countries. But Mrs. Sirleaf chose to do the opposite. She campaigned so hard against developmental assistance for Liberia to the extent that when she could not get her way with the American Government, and the U.N. System, created Charles Taylor.

This was the same woman who openly said that she contributed $ 10,000.00 towards Charles Taylor’s siege of Liberia. This was the same woman who ordered that Liberia especially the Monrovia capital be leveled if that what it took to get rid of Samuel Doe.

So we now clearly see the fruit of her actions, and involvement directly and indirectly that led to the massacre of hundreds of thousands of our fellow countrymen. For those of you forgetful and nearsighted Liberians, we have the news papers and videos to prove these facts about how vicious Ellen Johnson Sirleaf can become, and how far she is willing to go in order to get to this one Presidency. For the nerve of this woman, who gave her the authority and the rights to the Liberian Presidency when she has not proven half as worthy of that seat? Quite to the contrary, Liberia is nobody’s farm, and dumping ground to absorb all of this foolishness. There must be an end to this Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s mentality of we must spoil it to fix it. Today we have clearly seen that there is no guarantee that when we spoil our country; we will ever get it fixed.


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, like Charles Taylor, Alhaji G.V. Kromah, George S. Boley, Charles Julu, , Prince Johnson, the heads LORD and MODEL, and also their Rebel Commanders, all need to face the consequences of their Genocide and War Crimes against the Liberian People. Just in case you are surprise, or just in case you are wondering, or asking, I mean the same Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that is today running to become the next president of Liberia. She has this cleaver idea of creating and under the table supporting these rebel groups so that they will be up front doing the dirty job for her. This is what she did with Charles Taylor, and the LORD Rebel group. Her finger prints are all over their work, with the promise that if they succeed, they will make way for her to assume the presidency. Unfortunately for Ellen, she got conned by a con man named Charles Taylor.

This man was the master of the con game, and poor Ellen, she really did not know who she was dealing with. She thought that things were going to happen as previously arranged with con man Taylor. Unfortunately after Taylor got himself entangled with Foday Sankoh of Sierra Leone, and the whole diamond deal, he lost focus, and ended up dumping sweet Ellen like a bad habit. Not to be out done, she moved to nearby Abidjan, and started working and consulting with the LORD group to harass Taylor.

Interestingly, I was reading an article in the Analyst News Paper dated April 1, 2005 by Veronica Kpan, quoting Dr. Boima Fahnbulleh that Charles Taylor must be dragged to Court. As much as I wholeheartedly welcome this idea, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the others must also be ready for the same action, because she is an accessory and beneficiary to the crime. They have arrested Gus Kouwenhoven, in Europe for the same crime, why is Mrs. Sirleaf still in Monrovia fooling our people and hope to be rewarded for it?

Going back to my point to show you how selfish this Ellen Johnson Sirleaf woman is and how she cares about no one else but her quest to become the President of Liberia, have you noticed that the only time that Mrs. Sirleaf will spend some time in Liberia, and pretend to be doing something worthwhile, is when it is tagged to an election campaign that involves her candidacy. Quite frankly all of this stupid political grand standing, and front that she is putting right now, by going after the National Transitional Looters, is nothing but a smoke screen and a ploy to get votes. This old woman cares for Liberia and the mess that goes on there no more than a man in the moon. Who in his or her right mind, in this 21 st Century, wants a seventy something old lady like that with more personal issues than the Republic of Liberia to be the next president of this country? Sometimes I really do not blame this woman for trying her luck, because when you take a look at the line up of these Political Invertebrates, and Vampires, who called themselves candidates, you are left with very little or no option but to weep for what is ahead for our dear Liberia.

This whole situation about Liberia Political Situation can be summed up by a very brilliant Liberian Journalist called Rodney D. Sieh from the Liberian Observer in his March 11, 2005 issue entitled: Searching for Mr.. Or Mrs. “Right”- Leadership Vacuum Ails Liberia.

This young man just laid the case for us Liberians to see. He is seriously warning us about the dangers ahead so that we can do something about our desperate and wretched situation right now as time is running out. Do we seem to care? Hell no! We are just waiting in the wings for some Tooth Fairy of Fairy Godmother to come by and fix our problems. It is so ridiculous to see a whole generation of us displaced, and misplaced in Europe and America, and all we do is try to rationalize, analyze, and eventually justify our situation, because we are in serious denial. What do we do then? Come up with a Video Documentary entitled, “ Liberia; America’s Step Child”. The whole documentary was to make a case that America is responsible for our problems because she abandoned us. Right, blame it on Uncle Sam. He is the scapegoat for all of our problems, not Uncle Gyude or Chucky, or big mouth Aunty Ellen with her new bursueweh. As if America does not have enough problems of her own to deal with. Just go on and on casting blames instead of face up to our problems and the rude reality of the times.

It will soon catch up with us when we one day when we wake up and find that these folks have placed our dear Liberia in a Pawn Shop.

My Dear Fellow Liberians, don’t you at least feel bad that these folks are prostituting, and pimping our beloved country as we speak? Please do something about this. Please pass this mail to another Liberian, and let them read it even if they don’t do anything about it. You at least owe them this truth.


We have collected the signatures of more than 250 Liberians from all across the United States, and the list is growing by the minute to converge in Columbia Maryland from April 14 th – 16 th 2005 during the All Liberian Conference to show a massive protest against Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and demand that she publicly apologize to the Liberian people for aiding and embedding Charles Taylor to commit Genocide and War Crimes against the Liberian People, and also demand her immediately withdrawal from the October Presidential race until she can answer such questions regarding her role in the Liberian Civil War. We are also forwarding similar petition to the United Nations Security Council, and the International Court of Justice in The Hague.


With GOD above, our rights to prove, just one of these days, we shall prevail.

May GOD ALMIGHTY bless us all?

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