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In Defense of “Illiterate” Liberians (part III)

By Chorphie Charlie (April 29th 2005)  

"... the deliberate misrepresentation and subsequent condemnation of illiterate Liberians’ paradoxical outbursts demonstrates our miseducated Liberians’ cognitive structure to be self-seeking and presumptive of being socially messianic. ...."

“It is still one of the tragedies of human history that the ‘children of darkness’ are frequently more determined and zealous than the ‘children of light.” (KING).

Miseducated Liberians are Anti-Democrats

The recent blasé All-Liberian Conferences justifies the argument that miseducated Liberians are anti-democrats. The organizing rampaging, backdoor politricking, and belligerence demonstrated by the separation of the various actors’ iniquitous personification of the overall objectives of such noble project reflect the cries of our suffering people: first it was “native woman born soldier, Congo woman born rogue,” “monkey, monkey come down or fine shot will bring you down,” “you kill my ma, you kill my pa, we will vote for you,” and more recently “you know book, you don’t know book, we will vote for you.” These are profound paradoxical statements challenging the established political leadership in Liberia . It comes from a people long suffering under bad political leaderships both in government and the opposition, and it demonstrates our people’s frustration in search of a patriotic-nationalistic leadership.

But these figures of speeches have been misinterpreted by miseducated Liberians in its literal sense, thereby degrading our people wisdom as being insensitive to their own political murder. This is a travesty of political responsibility by our so-called educated class. Let provide some clarity before proceeding further, not all Liberians with terminal degrees are mis-educated, hostile intellectuals or anti-democratic. Some have come to understand the merit of our people’s whimpers.

However put, the deliberate misrepresentation and subsequent condemnation of illiterate Liberians’ paradoxical outbursts demonstrates our miseducated Liberians’ cognitive structure to be self-seeking and presumptive of being socially messianic. Their refusal to transform from a political sedentary life to a political egalitarian life, which embraces our people’s cries, and politically procreate a new generation of progressive leaders confirms their political self messianic state of mind. Imagine failed politicians continue to wrestle for presidential power after several attempts of losing at the voting booth, which represents their rejection by the people.

Psychologically speaking, one can infer that our miseducated class’ anatomical function may appear to be in reptilian form. This means their complex political behavior, always wanting to be in control and dominance, like a reptile is structure in fixed action pattern-obstructionist to democratic rule. For example, lady politician Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf only joins a political party, which offers their standard bearership, not on merit but on how much money one can pump into the pockets of it executives. She has refused to stay in a competitive democratic environment whereby she will have to undergo the rigors of political tensions in order for one to become a standard bearer.

From a psychic determinist standpoint our political class antipathy towards democratic leadership leaves us with mocking democratic governance, which always rendered us a miseducated political medicine. This political drug, which lies in the head of a “political doctor,” a so-called degree holder remains the best possibility for Liberia ’s socionomic progress, according to our miseducated elites. This is truly a problem of bad faith, a crisis of self-identity, because these miseducated Liberians have failed to recognize their depraved personalities-bad leaders-who have misdirected our country into the abyss of death and destruction. Moreover, failure to reconcile their individual’s unholy passions, proven by the recent separate ALL-Liberian Conferences, exposes their lack of democratic leadership. The last election, in which the political coalition headed by, Cletus Wotorson crumbled also speak to this pointed fact. Thus, we can correctly reason that these failed and miseducated politicians possess authoritarian personality and character.

Taking a cue from our miseducated Liberians’ methods of power hunting, which is usually through the force of arms or illegal means, in total disrespect and disregard to law and order, although they authorized the recent Liberian constitution. Satre, provocatively, articulated this kind of personality dynamic as sadism. Sadism, in Satre’s understanding, is the effort to evade the sight of others; it is simply an escape from making right decisions. And so, here again, our miseducated Liberians faces a crises of bad faith. This sadist personality of our failed politicians and miseducated Liberians funneled in Dr. Sawyer’s perspective diatribe, in which he cited Liberia ’s social and political institutions are flaws due to constitutional problems. However, he evicts any blame to their miseducated class, rather he cast aspersion on a dead man, the man they nurtured and murdered, President Samuel Doe. Sawyer blamed President Doe for our constitutional problems and indicated that president Doe threaten the constitutional drafters from crossing Kakata to make contact with the advisory committee.

One wonders, since president Doe’s presidency attended many challenges both inside and outside Liberia by these failed politicians, what prevented them from contesting and protesting such graved characterization of president Doe at the time. Why should citizens now blame president Doe for our constitutional problems? In Freudian psychology, Sawyer is adopting defense mechanism that evaporates miseducated Liberians’ bad leadership from the constitutional problems he illuminated. As a result, like his miseducated compatriots, Sawyer resorts to self –denial by rationalizing the need for constitutional reforms without self blame. In this context our miseducated Liberians uses Freudian’s reaction formation by instigating the opposite to a constitutional convention, a so called national conference to organize another unconstitutional and undemocratic political arrangement as a government of the people. Thereby deflecting any blame and duping our poor unsuspecting people. This is another criminal strategy.

The rise of Sawyer’s Ellen’s Taylor’s death machine, which produced not only an authoritative state bent on economic marginalization and political oppression but also a massive wave of social exploitation that forcibly exiled Liberians into squalors and dehumanizing lifestyles must be memorialize as our reinforcement to rejecting these miseducated democrats. For her part, Ellen announced to the world, at the onset of the carnage ( Liberia ’s uncivilized war), a great champagne revival schedule for downtown Monrovia to politically christen the horrendous destruction of Liberians lives and properties. The world objected, protested, and condemned these acts but in the name of human perseverance and the spirit of human progress succumbed to the sponsored barbarity of Liberia ’s political Neanderthals, assuming that the bullet would have surrendered to the ballot. This concession on the world’s part praxis a frightening degree of responsibility, on the nexus of Liberia ’s sociopaths and psychopaths, to build a democratic society without the comforting certainty of educated tyranny. They rejected this offer.

To avoid the noble task of democratic governance, these failed politicians have exported the people’s right to self-determination through counterfeiting conferences claiming nationalistic status and taking a comforting posture in reordering the democratic project of Liberia by dictating our choice for the presidency (Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf), otherwise as some of them have already begun to threaten, if someone other than their miseducated choice assume the Liberian presidency, our country will return to bloodshed. The current social dislocation of our national fabric epitomizes their true nature, destruction.

Retrograding how so-called educated liberated personalities (Sawyer and Ellen) financed and organized the cataclysmic vortex of colossal inhumanity upon their fellow kinsmen must not be left to political providence. We the people must mobilize all of our human resources to ensure that those who caused this great calamity upon our nation are no more rewarded with the presidency. Take for example, the recent mischievous Philadelphia gambit of our lady politician to admit her infamous “level Monrovia ” statement as foolish and unintended to caused harm upon our nation. If this is true, then we can only conclude that our lady politician is foolish and does not mean what she says.

Like Satre’s sadist these failed and miseducated politicians intend to chain the people on a political plantation by eliminating their humanity into political slavery. And so, in x-raying the people illiteracy, they fancy themselves as a pure mastery, as if they are some kind of political gods. Hence, these failed and miseducated politicians, the sadists, authoritative, and anti-democrats are politically misanthropic. On the altar of God I pledge undying resistance to sadists and bad leaders. Excuse me while I throw out.”

Watch out for the conclusion.

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About the author:

Chorphie Charlie is a social and political commentator who resides in Philadelphia. He can be reached at

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