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Articles by Theophilus Totee Bettie


Theophilus Totee Bettie is a Yale Alumnus and a Fulbright Scholar. He holds a M.A. in International and Development Economics and a M.BA. in Finance. He can be reached at:

THE ILLS OF SYCOPHANCY By Theophilus Totee Bettie (January12th 2005)  

"... are there Liberians with the intestinal fortitude to tell “our emperor” that he is wearing “no clothes”? ....If Liberia is to be a great nation, then those of us who find ourselves in advisory roles to potential national leaders should under no condition allow the political ambition of said individuals to supercede the collective good of our country. ..." more>>>

Bush versus Kerry: lessons learnt for Liberia? ~ By: Theophilus Totee Bettie

"....We Liberians in the Diasporas cannot escape some responsibilities for the current quandary devouring our motherland. For the most part, our actions (or lack thereof) have amounted to a participation in a conspiracy of silence. Instead of vociferously agitating against the ills of our society, we have opted to cocoon in these United States. Our lack of involvement in the political affairs of our country is one of the reasons why in Liberia we have the paradox of poverty in the midst of plenty, and scarcity in the midst of abundance. We owe it to our generation to make complacency in the presence of injustice an experience of the past..." more>>>



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