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The Next Liberian President: Will Jonathan Salzinger be the Next Frontrunner?

By Sekou Abdoulie (April 22nd 2005)  

"... Mr. Salzinger has not yet announced his candidacy,...I hope that he will; to give us an option from Ellen’s political opportunism, and Weah’s lying about his education....."

With voter registration in just a few days a few days away, the Liberian presidential election scene is really heating up.  With over 20 serious candidates already having declared their intention to run, the election has a crowded playing field, and so with the deadlines for registration in August, the question is who will be our next president.  In almost all polls, George Weah and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf are leading the pack, however is it possible that there is one candidate that can beat them?


Looking at the possibilities for candidates who have the ability to beat either of these two is a tough task, however as I was looking over several websites, one name hit me: Mr. Jonathan Salzinger.  As of late, it seems as if Mr. Salzinger has positioned himself to become a presidential candidate.


Recently, Mr. Salzinger published and article in the highly esteemed Daily Observer and in which he bashes candidate Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for her politics and what he believes are her undemocratic principals, and when he does this he positions himself for a prominent place on the ballot.  He has won support from the US government, even winning a Prestigious National Honor for Volunteer Service Award from President George W. Bush for his work for humanitarian causes in Liberia, as made evident in an article published jointly between LIMANY and his and all over the internet.  In addition to American support, Mr. Salzinger should have no problem dealing with the press, as his recently started has become quite popular rather quickly, showing that he has a good ability to deal with the press, probably meaning that in interviews and debates he will be able to beat the other candidates.


Although Mr. Salzinger has not yet announced his candidacy, once he is interviewed by a newspaper I hope that he will to give us an option from Ellen’s political opportunism and Weah’s lying about his education.  For the success of Liberia, we need a president, who has good terms with the international community (including the USA) and has dedicated himself to helping Liberians with their struggles, and I believe that Mr. Salzinger.


About The Author:


Sekou Abdoulie lives in Robertsport, Liberia and is a political and social commentator.  He can be reached at


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