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Articles by Syrulwa Somah, Ph.D.
Syrulwa Somah, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Occupational Safety and Health at NC A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is author of several books, including, The Historical Resettlement of Liberia and It Environmental Impact , Christianity, Colonization and State of African Spirituality , and Nyanyan Gohn-Manan: History, Migration & Government of the Bassa (a book about traditional Bassa leadership and cultural norms published in 2003).


Somah is also the Executive Director of the Liberian History, Education & Development, Inc. (LIHEDE), a nonprofit organization based in Greensboro, North Carolina . He can be reached at:;


Using Monrovia ’s Garbage Disposals As a Revenue Source By Syrulwa Somah

I am of the opinion that the upcoming election is the least of our worries. As long as inequality exists in housing, employment, political, spiritual, economic, health, social, psychological or philosophical domains in Liberia , no Liberian should be satisfied until every citizen can live in peace and enjoy the fruits of his and her labors. Self-help, self-respect, self-sufficiency and self-love which equals to true patriotism or love of our country should inspire all of us to serve in the best interest of the Liberian nation and people..>>>more

Combating Malaria in the Next Liberian Republic By Syrulwa Somah

"....It seems to me that Liberians are caught in a catch-22 situation in which they must choose to die from malaria or subject themselves to unsafe and outdated CQ intramuscularly treatments for malaria. But all hope is not lost as long as Liberian national leaders and health officials took appropriate steps to eradicate malaria in the same way the United States , China , Cuba , and other nations did when confronted with menacing effects of malaria...." more>>>

Ethnicity Reinforces Our Diversity Not Our Hindrance
By Syrulwa Somah

"... I find it farfetched and misleading for any educated Liberian to suggest that ethnicity or tribalism is responsible for the civil crises in Liberia , or that the Poro and Sande Universities were developed for purposes of constraining the reproductive capacities and general developments of women, including promotion of the so-called “female genital mutilation.” But I think such assertions are not only an act of gross ignorance but also an insult to the intelligence of the Liberian people...." more>>>

Promoting Agricultural Production in the New Liberia

"...With so much fertile soil, natural wetlands, and forest resources, Liberia has no reason to be poor or to even beg for food from abroad. But we are our own worst enemies in Liberia because before Firestone Rubber Plantation introduced the much talked about “pussava rice” in Liberia, Liberia showed some ingenuity at communal farming through indigenous farming strategies such as the “susu” or “ku” (communal farming), which in the late 30s through the 40s didn’t only enable Liberia to export rice and other agricultural commodities to Ghana and other West African nations, but our nation was the gateway and “melting pot” in Africa.. ..." more>>>

Liberia is at a Brink of Irreversible Environmental/Ecological Impotency

"...Our national relationship suffers when the best brains and government are heavy-footed and refuse to come together. Unless there is a radical metamorphosis in which Liberians “mount wings like eagles”, the intruders and peace agents will be only concerned with prolonging the civil conflict, diamond deals, deforestation and sexual exploitation. They are not only hell-bent on plundering our forests and natural wealth, but wrecking the whole natural order: deforestation, clearing land, killing animals and other hidden assets. The uncontrolled squandering of our natural resources goes unchecked even though resources such as forests, rivers, marines, diamonds, wildlife, gold and soil, once used or exhausted, can never be restored. ..." more>>>

Charting A New Direction for A Traumatized Liberia

...we have spent the last 156 years of our national existence as a nation and people in promoting a society of social and political inequalities, dominated by a multitude of political parties gravitated toward individual enclaves and "cult personalities." As a result, Liberia now has nearly two-dozen political parties whose goals and contributions to the Liberian society remained meaningless more>>>


Who Will Hear My Cry To Train Future Liberian Leaders?

....Liberia is in turmoil today because Liberians do not know their own stories. Liberians have instead helped to advance the European agenda by teaching our children to read books like Don and Peggy, Snow White, at the elementary, to Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn (most famous was Tom Sawyer); Romeo and Juliet and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales; Rip Van Winkle, King Arthur's Round Table and Jonathan Swift on the national level.more>>>

The Role of the Bassa in Reshaping Liberia ~ by Dr. Somah

....When I began learning at my mother’s knees, my language of instruction was Bassa. Therefore, regardless of my current residence, education, or social status, I intend to remain a Bassa man irrespective of the consequences, if any. Bassa owes me nothing but I owe Bassa and Liberia a lot. more>>>>

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